Events: demystified
Events: demystified
10: How to prepare for a successful trade show event ft Anna Marie Aldinger (IBL Events)

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing IRL, Anna Marie Aldinger, the president, and owner of IBL Events, one of the largest producers of consumer trade shows in Idaho. We will cover topics such as personal strategies to handle multiple projects at the same time, tips to overcome event stress, the type of return an exhibitor should expect from a trade show, how to create a visually appealing booth, marketing tactics to ensure success before and after exhibiting at a trade show and of course, the growing concerns about the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus (aka coronavirus) and the type of precautions a meeting professionals should take, if and when should they cancel their event and the type of plan that should be in place not just for the organizers but also for venues, keeping attendee’s health and safety on top of mind.

This episode was a lot of fun recording and I sure hope you will tune in on any major podcasting platforms as we will be exploring this new topic together!

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