Events: demystified
Events: demystified
18: 2020 Virtual Events Overview ft Johnna Lee Wells, a Fundraising Advocate & Ambassador

As this month is coming to an end and with it our one year anniversary celebration, which if this is the first time you’re listening, we’ve celebrated this entire month with weekly featured guests that honored us with their presence, virtually, and shared from their experience tips and insights of working in this reality of planning and producing virtual events. Having had the opportunity to discuss the topics of virtual and hybrid events with my guests and hear their opinions and sometimes very different perspectives, it has provided me and I’m sure all of you listening, with a rich overview of how everyone is navigating this complex world of events quite differently, by being more resilient, and creative, than ever.   

Today is our last episode of this celebration series and I couldn’t have invited a more appropriate featured guest for our last episode of the month but an amazing and very experienced Fundraising Advocate and Ambassador, Johnna Wells – propelled by momentum and a heartfelt call to cultivate connection and champion for the community. Stay tuned for nugget after nugget of wisdom shared throughout this episode!


Johnna Lee Wells can be found at: and on Social Media: @johnna_lee and @artoffundraising


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