Event AV & Lighting: Demystified
Event AV & Lighting: Demystified
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09: Questions to ask your AV Provider/Partner
by Tree-Fan Events Podcast

In this episode I will be talking about ways of getting the most out of your AV partner,  I will be discussing AV RFPs or proposals, what it takes to hire an AV supplier or vendor and what questions would you be asking when partnering with a new AV provider. While AV provider is used quite a lot in the industry, I like to refer to this title as AV partner, because what you really want out of this relationship is a partnership, you want someone that will have your back and look out for you, will understand your vision, will work tirelessly  towards accomplishing your goals, and will basically provide more than just AV. Remember, you’re hiring a provider to manage a significant portion of your event for you. If you don’t trust them as your partners then they’re not the right fit for you. A true partner will offer input based on their experience & expertise, even in areas that they’re not technically being “paid” to oversee, and that simple act can make a world of difference in the outcome of your next event because you should be looking for more than just an equipment provider. This will be a great topic for any event planner and professional that finds themselves in the position to create such new partnerships and relations. So stick around and let’s explore this topic together!

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If you’re an event planner or working in the event industry and find yourself needing AV, Lighting and Video Technology for your event but have had a hard time figuring it all out, this Podcast is for you! It will give you useful information and tips so that you’re never again left confused and/or frustrated after meeting with an AV professional/vendor/supplier!  This Podcast is also for the advanced event planner that has had many years of experience under their belt and are not intimidated anymore by technology but could use a refresher and are open to learning new best practices and figuring out new ways and processes to benefit their event and keeping up with technology changes. Tune in and let’s get to know each other!