Virtual events are here to stay,  in some hybrid capacity or another. As we are constantly listening to the needs of the event community, changing and expanding our solutions to meet and exceed those needs, stay tuned for continual updates to this page. During these uncertain times, know that we have the ability, proven by an amazing track record of successful in-person and now 40+ virtual events, as well as the right partners to plan, produce and execute a flawless plan for your virtual events that will engage your online audience and will meet your event’s goals, fundraising or otherwise.

Our Virtual Event Services include:

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Virtual Event Consultation – book your FREE consultation now

  • Technical & production recommendations for best possible execution plan of your virtual event
  • Recommendations for virtual event platforms specific to your event’s needs
  • Recommendations for online auction options on our preferred partner fundraising giving platform
  • Recommendations for creating engagement opportunities for your remote audience
  • Tips for creating content creation and co-creation ideas

Virtual Event Planning & Management – call/email for price

Planning and facilitating all production & technical logistics for virtual and/or hybrid events, including negotiating budget & contract details by: 
  • Participating in the ideation phase to generate event concepts and develop the plan for executing the vision
  • Acting as technical project manager to ensure efficient workflow and communication between all stakeholders
  • Working collaboratively with your event’s key staff and auctioneer to create/solidify script/event flow
  • Developing and overseeing the event’s technical needs vs budget, keeping it aligned with your vision
  • Negotiating production cost with our AV production partners upon agreed terms and event needs
  • Planning, coordinating and overseeing all production and technical aspects of virtual event
  • Assigning/reviewing graphic work from graphic designer for slides, overlays, lower-thirds
  • Creating & providing production timeline and ROS with key deadlines, URL links and content assets deliverables
  • Interacting with all in-person/virtual speakers for technical schedules & rehearsals
  • Facilitating technical rehearsals for your presenters and a technical run-through (virtual or in-person) with our studio partner(s)
  • Providing guidance for the online auction site on our preferred bidding platform/mobile app – for a comprehensive setup service, check out our Remote Live Controller + Online Auction Page Setup Package

Virtual Event Producer (day-of) – call/email for price

Helping and guiding you to turn your in-person event into an engaging virtual event experience by: 
  • Managing & overseeing all production elements with our AV production partner(s) during the broadcast
  • Coordinating collection and sharing of all necessary event assets, content & media for live streaming of the virtual event
  • Scheduling and running day-of technical run-through, reviewing speaker call-in setup & content per script & ROS
  • Collaborating closely and providing guidance on writing an impactful & focused Script w/ technical details
  • Providing design direction to ensure all live or pre-recorded content, graphics, overlays and visuals are optimized for a virtual event format
  • Providing technical support for live-stream and our preferred auction controller interface (as applicable)
  • Working closely with the on-site/remote studio director to implement event’s vision
  • Take on the Technical Event Producer role during the broadcast of the virtual event

Please contact us for pricing for each of the above package.

Additional Packages

In additions to the services listed to the left, we’ve got you fully covered complete with several extra packages to choose from.

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