Step into the future of event management with our AI for Events Micro Course, a program crafted for event professionals aiming to harness the power of artificial intelligence. The course provides not just the theoretical understanding of AI, but goes beyond it—it’s a practical dive into utilizing AI to transform how you plan, market, and execute events in the most effective manner.

Discover the most impactful AI tools and platforms, learn to analyze event data with expert precision, and unlock new methods to elevate attendee experiences through AI-driven initiatives.

Who is this course for?

Ideal for event organizers, meeting planners, and industry professionals eager to integrate AI into their events, this mastery equips you with the skills to become a leader in technology-driven event planning. Enhance your career by mastering AI, saving time, and adding unprecedented value to your events and organization.

Are there any prerequisites?

A foundational understanding of event planning across various formats (in-person, virtual, hybrid) is recommended. A basic understanding of Prompt Engineering is beneficial as well. We aim to ensure you’re equipped with event planning essentials as well as the general understand of prompting before introducing the transformative capabilities of AI. If you’re not up to speed on prompting, we have a workshop on Beginner and Advanced Prompting Frameworks you can watch on your own time.


– Grasp the fundamental concepts of AI and its relevance to the event industry.
– Explore the latest AI platforms and technologies designed for event professionals.
– Identify how AI can change aspects of event marketing, engagement, and the overall attendee journey.
– Develop AI-informed strategies for event promotion and targeted audience engagement to increase reach and effectiveness.
– Implement AI-driven analytics to assess event success, derive insights, and inform future planning.
– Understand the ethical considerations and navigate the challenges of adopting AI in event planning and execution.
– Apply the AI strategies and techniques from this course to create event plans that set you apart as an industry leader.theorethial


* Our limited time offer ends on August 15th. Full price in effect past that date. This specific course is only 60 min long and it’s an intro to AI tools for Events. For an in-depth course, see our upcoming AI Bootcamps, new dates to be released soon.

What Other Are Saying:

I have sat in on probably 20 panels and sessions on AI and yours was the first where you actually shared what you were doing and how you are using different tools. Very well done, thank you!
Miles Kipper
Heroic Productions
"Anca's presentation left me gushing to my hubby, a huge AI fan! The content and ideas were mind-blowing 🤯 and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to teach and present on AI."
Amber King
Regional VP
"Anca's presentation was jam-packed with so much information that my head is still spinning! It was excellent, and I can't wait to try out some of these tools."
Andrew Heidt
Director of Sales
"We thoroughly enjoyed Anca's presentation! There was so much valuable information shared that we felt she definitely needed to be booked for more time. Looking forward to implementing what we've learned!"
Romeo Zavala
Business Development Manager