IMEX America’21 Key Takeaways

Just last week I made the decision (almost overnight really) to join some of my friends in-person in Las Vegas

The New Rules from Women in Events (tech + prod)

Our very first free workshop in this series: THE NEW RULES, hosted and produced by Women In Events (tech +

Podcast Magazine Feature

In the world of technology, production, events, and speakers, a push is being made to include more women versus the

[Video] Event ROS vs Production Tech Script

Welcome to part 1 of our 3-part series of short videos that detail the differences between some important event tracking

Technical Setup for Hybrid Fundraising Gala

The reality of hybrid events is that some events will require less setup and equipment, while others will require more.

[Video] How-to achieve a high-quality live-stream

How can you achieve a high-quality live stream? When it comes to live-streaming, there are several measures you can take

In-house AV vs Outsourced Production Partners

As in-person gatherings have become more of a safe reality after the year and a half  pandemic that has created

[Video] The current state of Hybrid Events ft. Julius Solaris

In lieu of celebrating of our 2 year Anniversary of the “Events: demystified” Podcast this July, I had the HUGE

Case Study: A Hybrid Fundraising Gala

By now, you’re probably familiar with the several available experimental hybrid event models (single site, network and hub & spoke)

[Video] “Events: demystified” Podcast is TWO

Can you believe it? The “Events: demystified” Podcast is TWO this month and with that, we just kick-ed off the

Cost-effective Virtual Fundraising Live-streaming Solution

After one year of live-streaming events of all types and formats, we’ve come a long way to also support the

Five Quick Tips to Improve your Event’s Live-streaming Quality

1️⃣ Don’t skimp on good audio Bad sound = bad experience for your attendees, especially if they can’t hear you

Sponsorships for Virtual Events

After one year of virtual events we’ve learned that thanks to the digital nature of virtual events the opportunity is

The future is Hybrid

One of the most used phrases of 2021, if you haven’t yet guessed it already has been this one:  The

Going LIVE to Instagram with pre-recorded Content: lessons learned

If you’ve been live-streaming events for a tiny little while you would know how Instagram has been that one coveted

Five free live-streaming tools

As promised in my latest Podcast Episode, below I will showcase five (or more) free tools for virtual events broadcasting

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