Four tips to being a great presenter

The tools of communications have changed dramatically in the last few years, one thing that has not changed much is

Best tips for organizing a successful hybrid event

If you’re an event professional, it’s no secret to you that the event landscape has gone through a radical transformation.

The Attendee Bill of Rights

If you’re planning and producing a virtual or hybrid event, consider for a moment your virtual attendees’ experience with your

Steps to producing a successful event

Creating a solid timeline, building a strategic plan, and understanding your attendee and stakeholder needs are the first and most

Three simple ways to gain status

Part of our brain’s survival mechanism is to thrive and survive, which simply put means gaining status. And at the

Disaster-proof your hybrid event

From the first Discovery Call through the post-event thank you note, a Tree-Fan Events Technical Event Planner and Producer leading

5 Elements Of A Successful Large Scale Hybrid Conference

Mid-February we got the opportunity to work on a large-scale event that for the first time during COVID had an

10 Common Pitfalls of Virtual & Hybrid Fundraising

In the last *almost* three years,  many nonprofits have become aware that people from all over the world can donate

Fundraising Events: Three Success Stories

Nonprofits that had to cancel their fundraising events in ’20 and ’21 suffered financially, but those that adapted their fundraisers

Award Honoree: 40 Under 40 and #womentowatch

Beyond humbled and honored to be named among some fantastic #eventprofs by Connect Meetings and Biz Bash as part of

Must-dos and have’s when speaking virtually

As a virtual speaker or presenter, you might not want to focus on all the tech or be the tech

Stay prepared so you are prepared

As an industry we’re going again through a series of changes, pivots and cancellations, and it affects our clients, organizations,

2022 Hybrid Event Evolution & Trends

You’ve probably seen the new meme circulating around the internet with 2022 spelled as the year 2020 and two like

Hybrid Event Strategy to achieve excellent AV production

It's not news to anyone by now that hosting an excellent hybrid event with a high-production value stretches many event

Quickest Pivot Award Winner

Super honored to have been nominated for, and the winner of the Quickest Pivot Award by Untethered’21, when so many

Avoid these hybrid event mistakes

Over the course of the last almost 22 months of virtual and hybrid events of all formats and sizes, we’ve

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