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1. Q: What is a Technical Event Producer?

A: This is someone with extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of in-person, virtual, and hybrid technical event productions, event design, event management, and event planning. This person will walk with you throughout the entire planning process and is the best event partner that you could invest in for the success of your upcoming event, may that be in-person, virtual, or hybrid!  Our goal is to use our 20 years of professional expertise in event planning and production of sound, audio-visual, video, lighting,  live-streaming, and other innovative event technologies to provide you with technical and creative direction, consultation, planning,  management, and support to deliver flawless and memorable event experiences!

The best way for us to learn how we can best assist you and your event is by having a conversation. Initial consultations are free and take less than 20 min.

2. Q: What are your rates?

A: We pride ourselves on using a simplified pricing structure that is very easy to understand. Because each one of our clients and each event we work on has very specific needs, during the initial conversation we schedule with you, through our strategic event planning process,  our goal is to identify as best as we can your event’s needs, establish a realistic budget and provide you with a competitive proposal that not only will deliver the vision you have for your event but will also maximize the revenue and deliver the memorable experience your event deserves.

3. Q: How can you help with AI?

A: Anca Platon Trifan is a leading AI workshop expert, speaker, and lead in the business and event industry. She specializes in integrating advanced AI solutions into event planning and production. Through workshops, bootcamps, and personalized consultations, Anca can help you leverage AI to enhance various aspects of your business, B2B campaign or event, from improving audience engagement to streamlining event operations. Her expertise ensures that you can harness the power of AI to create innovative, efficient, and memorable event experiences.

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