The more you dive into AI, the more insights you'll gain. With each discovery, your horizons expand, and your curiosity knows no bounds. So, dive into the world of AI and watch your knowledge soar to new heights!

In today’s fast-paced business and event world, AI, especially generative AI, is key for growth and productivity. These AI tools reshape our businesses and events, offering cost-effective solutions. They streamline processes, foster innovation, and boost competitiveness. But ethical concerns are vital too, including fair use, economic impact, licensing, and global considerations. Responsible AI deployment means prioritizing transparency, fairness, and accountability. Use AI responsibly and at your own risk.

This page here and our 2023 AI Tools is our attempt to keep you up to date with the latest AI tools that we test ourselves first and foremost. 

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Nvidia CEO delivers to OpenAI

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang personally delivered the world’s first DGX H200 AI platform to the AI research organization OpenAI. The DGX H200 is the successor to NVIDIA’s previous DGX 100 system and is powered by the most powerful GPU currently available, the NVIDIA H200.

Apple’s secret lab

Apple has formed a secret AI research lab in Zurich, Switzerland, where it has hired dozens of AI experts from Google. The lab is focused on developing more advanced AI models incorporating text and visual inputs. This research builds on Apple’s decade-long work on its Siri virtual assistant. Also,

Apple and OpenAI discuss integrations

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is revisiting conversations with OpenAI about integrating the company’s AI into the coming iPhone iOS 18 update. Apple’s AI era is coming, and all the leading companies might be coming along for the ride. With OpenAI, Google, and Apple’s own AI potentially integrating into the new iOS, Apple has the potential to start the next ‘ChatGPT moment’ for major AI adoption by putting AI directly into the hands of its 1.4B+ iPhone users.

Chinese firm reveals Sora ‘competitor’

Chinese AI firm ShengShu just introduced Vidu, a text-to-video AI model that reportedly rivals OpenAI’s unreleased Sora in capability and performance. Vidu can generate high-quality, 16-second videos at 1080p resolution from text prompts. While it feels like a stretch to call this a true ‘rival’ to Sora (16-second vs. 60-second generations feels like a big gap), China’s AI models continue to gain on U.S. leaders. With Sora still unreleased to the public, its promise is still largely unrealized — opening the door to the competition.

Claude 3 beats ChatGPT4

Anthropic just shook things up with its latest release, the Claude 3 model family, which includes the standout ‘Opus’ version, leaving competitors like GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra in the dust across key benchmarks. From expert knowledge to coding and even new vision capabilities, Opus is hitting high notes with a near-perfect recall on lengthy prompts and a whopping 200k context window that can stretch up to 1M. And here’s the kicker: no more waiting around for API access, as builders can dive straight into integrating these game-changing models. With Claude 3’s sudden leap to the top of the AI charts, it’s clear that Gemini and ChatGPT now have some serious competition. Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you the head-to-head results with GPT-4 soon!

Nvidia’s AI journey

Nvidia reported that revenue for the last quarter surged 265% year-over-year to $22 billion. For the full year, revenue more than doubled to $60.9 billion. Nvidia’s CEO credited this growth to AI reaching a “tipping point”. Nvidia’s stock price up over 9% as the company’s valuation rose further to make it one of the most valuable in the United States.

Reddit is Licensing data

Reddit has made $203 million so far by licensing its user-generated data to AI companies to train their models. This includes a multi-year deal worth at least $66.4 million in 2024. While the partner is not named, it is likely one of the large AI companies that are using massive datasets. OpenAI’s CEO has ties to Reddit’s board.

OpenAI just unexpectedly introduced Sora, an impressive text-to-video AI model able to create realistic and cohesive video generations up to a minute long directly from text prompts and images.

  • Sora combines aspects of GPT and DALL-E to better understand physical dynamics and maintain details across generated shots for realistic outputs.

  • The model can generate video up to 60 seconds from both text prompts and still images, and can also insert scenes within existing video.

  • Sora is currently being offered to red-teamers and select creators to gain early feedback before potential wider release.

Why it matters: OpenAI just took a massive video leap out of nowhere, bringing us closer to outputs nearly indistinguishable from reality. Sora looks to bring both creative unlocks and new panic-inducing capabilities for bad actors. For better or worse… the AI video game just completely changed.

Could AI personas attend your work meetings for you? One tech CEO says yes 

Where companies have adopted AI in 2024 —and where they are planning to do so in the near future

Microsoft just unveiled a finance-focused version of its AI assistant called Copilot for Finance, aimed at helping teams speed processes like reconciling data and tracking payments.

The details:

  • The AI tool integrates with existing financial platforms like Dynamics 365, as well as Microsoft apps like Outlook, Excel, and Teams.

  • Key benefits include streamlining audits, simplifying collections processes, and accelerating financial reporting.

  • Microsoft is also exploring future Copilot versions tailored for other sectors like marketing and supply chain management.

Why it matters: Microsoft is about to unlock major AI-powered automation, one enterprise sector at a time. With the company’s massive built-in user base and industry-standard business tools, integrating specialized AI across familiar apps is a savvy path toward mass adoption of the tech.


Did you know that the global AI market is expected to reach a staggering $190.61 billion by 2025? From the rise of generative AI to BYOAI and AI legislation, discover how it’s shaping the world around us. AI predictions: Top 13 AI trends for 2024

💼 Meetingly- Transform sales calls into actionable insights effortlessly 

📝 Fixkey- Improve your writing everywhere on macOS

👩🏻‍⚕️ Docus- Your health decisions, validated by top doctors 

🏌️‍♂️ GolfGPT Your personal golf expert, helping you master every hole

😰 Anxiety Simulator This immersive experience offers unique insights into anxiety disorders


🤖 Click AI– Automate your workflow with maintenance-free QA automation

🎧 PodBravo– Boost podcast production with automated content creation

🎥 Dopplio– Personalize videos with AI for cold-outreach prospect engagement

📄 Cover Letter GPT– Boost job application success with tailored cover letters

🖼️ Ideogram– Helps you create stunning, photorealistic images from text

👨🏼‍💻 Velvet Query and ship data-driven product features easily

✨ Summarize– AI-driven summaries of YouTube videos, saving you time

🤖 Blobr– AI business assistant that helps you make the right decisions

🎨 Freepik Pikaso– Create and edit images in real-time through the power of simple drawing

🚀 AdsGency AI– Boost ad performance with AI-driven optimization and creative content generation

👨‍💼 Aesop- Your AI-powered SaaS to find smart, distinctive names and the stories they tell – for your new brand, business, product, or project (link)*

👐 Delphi- Build the AI version of you from your social accounts and more to scale your expertise and availability, infinitely (link)

🤖 Gobble bot- Digest your website, PDF, YouTube Video, Notion pages and more into one text file to upload to your GPT chatbot (link)

🔍 Ask Viable- Instantly convert feedback into various product documents like PRDs and FAQs using AI (link)

🎙️ Audio Notes AI- Transform disorganized thoughts into structured notes with AI (link)

💲 PriceGPT- Audit pricing pages with AI analysis (link)

🧠 MindOne 0.6- Sophisticated AI-powered user interface enhancement (link)

🌐 Buenoverse- Create and explore 2D worlds collaboratively (link)

🐦 TweetHunter- All-in-one Twitter growth tool to create content using AI, build an audience, and schedule posts (link)

🎙Toasty AI- AI content creation for podcasts (link)

🤖 Tars Copilot- Stop worrying about project management for good – let Tars (inspired by Interstellar) handle your tasks, deadlines and project status (link)*

🎥 Dubverse- Easiest (and magical) way to dub videos (link)

🔥 Your one-stop AI powerhouse for a multitude of tasks. (link)

🌄 Freepik Pikaso- Real-time AI-powered sketch-to-image conversion (link)

💼 BoldDesk- An affordable Zendesk & Freshdesk alternative at half the cost (link)

📖 Depth Tale- Craft interactive stories easily with a modern, user-friendly platform (link)

🎧 Xound- AI-powered tool ensuring pristine audio and pitch for content creators (link)

📊 Sheet AI- Put AI in your Google Sheets (link)

🕵️‍♂️ GPT Zero- Detect whether an essay is ChatGPT or human-written (link)

🤖 Freeflo – Create better AI images with beautiful, free and endlessly reusable style prompts for Midjourney, Clipdrop, Firefly and DALL-E (link)*

🧑 Taskade Custom AI Agents – Specialized tools designed to automate routine activities like research, task management, and content creation (link)

💌 Charm Check – Transform your dating profile into an attractive one with expert guidance (link)

🔍 ayraa – Your AI-powered workplace search assistant (link)

🎬 Video Translation by Akool – Easily translate and adapt your videos with a single click (link)

📚 – Enhance your learning experience with an AI-powered personal tutor (link)

📤 – Streamline your AI-driven cold communication efforts (link)

💼 Taplio – All-in-one AI-powered tool for creating, managing, and growing your personal brand on LinkedIn (link)

✨ Gemini Google’s answer to GPT-4 (link)

🤖 GPT Wrapped –  ChatGPT year in review recaps your usage in 2023 (link)

💰 Payback –  GPT-4 Vision enabled expense tracker (link)

📝 AI Applicant Sorting – Chat-powered assistant to help you review resumes 10x faster (link)

✍ Strut AI – All-in-one AI workspace designed for writers (link)

🚨 Openlayer – Slack or email alerts for when your AI fails (link)

🎬 Animaker AI – The future of AI animations starts here (link)

📆 Vimcal – Calendar app on steroids. Assists users in scheduling and organizing events efficiently (link)

💬 Chatbase – Create a ChatGPT-like chatbot widget for your website (link)

🚀 GetMax – Supercharge your content marketing for maximum traffic with no extra effort (link)

📚 Show HN – Immerse yourself in learning Korean with a Popup Dictionary (link)

🎁 Gifter – Find the perfect gift with this AI-powered app (link)

💬 Chatgot – Chat at ease with various AI assistants ready to serve you (link)

👩‍🎨 Looka – AI-powered platform to design a logo and build a brand in seconds (link)

🌖 MoonBeam – A long-form writing AI assistant to never write from scratch again (link)

📚 Morise AI – Reads your videos and generates everything in seconds (link)

🧠 Taskade – Five AI-powered tools in one to supercharge your team productivity (link)

🧑‍⚖️ AI Lawyer- Personal AI lawyer at your fingertips (link)

👾 Dante – Custom GPT chatbots trained on your data (link)

🤖 Archive Super Search – Using AI, NLP, and neural advances for rapid image & video search. Trusted by 25K brands for instant results (link)

📈 AI Productivity Analytics – The AI tool for time tracking tasks, habits, and meetings (link)

🗨️ MindWhisper – Giving ChatGPT extra powers for superior chats (link)

🌐 Feedbase –  Customer feedback widget on your website (link)

📚 ChatDOC – Chat with any documents and get responses with cited sources (link)

❤️ Meet Millie – AI dating coach (link)

📞 Simple Phones – Never miss a call from a customer (link)

🧠 Stack AI – The Middle-Layer of AI (link)

📣 Followr – Automated scheduling, AI content creation & advanced analytics for social (link)

📱 Synthesia – Create professional videos without mics, cameras, or actors using an AI-generated character (link)

🤖 Gist AI – Free website, YouTube, PDF summarizer, powered by ChatGPT (link)

📚 We Are Learning – Create immersive learning content like a pro (link)

⚙️ GPT Pilot – Dev tool that increases developer’s productivity 20x with AI (link)

🎥 Descript – A powerful all-in-one video and podcast editing tool using AI (link)

⭐ Jasper- An AI copywriter assistant that can generate any kind of marketing copy (link)

📝 Writesonic- ChatGPT alternative that addresses the limitations of ChatGPT (link)

🌖 MoonBeam- A long-form writing AI assistant to never write from scratch again (link)

🪄 Guidde – Magically create stunning how-to guides with AI (link)

🤖 Softr AI App Generator – Create business apps with just a prompt (link)*

🌐 TranslateVideo 2.0-  Translate videos to 75+ languages & unlimited free subtitles (link)

🔄 – Workflow automation beyond triggers and actions (link)

🚀 Deta Space –  A new computer and OS for the internet (link)

📹 Pictory AI – Automatically create short, branded videos from long-form content (link)

📧 Superhuman- The fastest email experience ever made, with AI-powered features (link)

💌 HoppyCoppy – Generate better emails and newsletters in seconds with AI (link)

🦾 Browse – Train a robot in 2 minutes to extract and monitor data from any website (link)

📝 Writesonic – ChatGPT alternative that addresses the limitations of ChatGPT (link)

💡 The Leap by Thinkific – Build and sell digital products in minutes, powered by AI (link)

🎤 Castmagic – Turn long-form audio into ready-to-use content assets, instantly (link)

🧪 Quiz Gecko – AI online test and quiz maker (link)

⚡️ Play HT –  The highest quality AI-powered voice generation platform (link)

📝 PDF AI – Chat with any document (link)

🎯 Intently  – Transform LinkedIn actions into lucrative sales opportunities seamlessly (link)

⭐ Wois – An asynchronous audiovisual platform tailored for personal brand amplification (link)

💡 Visily 2.0- Shift from mere ideas to tangible prototypes in seconds, sans the necessity of design capabilities (link)

🤖 Actor Builder – Replicate yourself digitally with the help of just 10 images leveraging AI (link)

✍️ Rytr –  An AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds (link)

👩‍🎨 Looka – AI-powered platform to design a logo and build a brand in seconds (link)

✨ Magic Studio – Create amazing product photos in minutes (link)

⭐ Highperformr AI Tools – AI-powered tools that elevate your social presence & tasks (link)

💬 Collato –  Chat with your tools to find info, summarize, & create content (link)

⏩ Frame – Work 10x faster in teams (link)

🎥 Descript – A powerful all-in-one video and podcast editing tool using AI (link)

⚙️ Bardeen – A no-code automation tool to enhance workflow productivity (link)

📊 Speak AI – Turn your language data into insights, fast and with no code. (link)

🎤 Castmagic – Turn long-form audio into ready-to-use content assets, instantly (link)

🎥 Maekersuite – Boost your efficiency in video script writing tenfold with the aid of AI (link)

📰 FastFacts – Stay updated with the most recent listing announcements within two minutes (link)

🧠 Humata – Ask questions and chat with any file instantly using AI (link)

📷 HeadshotPro  – Professional Headshots with AI (link)

📕 – Write your life’s story with AI interview algorithm (link)

🖼 OpenArt – AI Image Generator (link)

📝 AI Easy Prompts –  A solution for prompt organization and writing using AI (link)

💰 Surmount AI – Invest smarter with data-driven strategies (link)

📊 Insights – Save 80% on underwriting businesses everywhere (link)

💡 Braintrust – Rapidly develop AI without guesswork (link)

🐦 TweetHunter – All-in-one Twitter growth tool to create content using AI, build an audience, and schedule posts (link)

🖥️ Super – Create a website from your Notion database in minutes (link)

🗣️ Speak AI – Turn your language data into insights, fast and with no code (link)

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AI LEARNING - how-to:

🚰 Use Gemini to evaluate + solve household repairs

Recently, Google has integrated Gemini into its mobile apps. Having Gemini in your pocket can simplify the process of obtaining answers, suggestions, and instructional videos for simple household repair projects.

  1. Open the Google mobile app (iOS or Android) and switch to Gemini at the top.

  2. Capture a photo of the object that requires repair. Provide a description of the problem and ask for suggestions on how to fix it.

  3. You can ask additional questions based on the response to resolve the problem. If you’ve enabled the YouTube extension, try asking Gemini for YouTube videos that could assist with the repair.