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32: A Mental Tool to Slay Your Giant + Five Free Live-streaming Tools for your Virtual Event

Welcome to a new episode of “Events: demystified” brought to you by Tree-Fan Events, with your host, Anca.

What should you expect from this episode? 

Firstly, I will share a few thoughts with you since I just celebrated this past weekend another trip around the Sun and I am so grateful for being here, being alive and well!

And (not) lastly, in the second part of the episode, I will share the five free tools I kept drumming about that I use frequently during my production of virtual events,  especially if like me, you’re sometimes solo-producing and live-streaming events.

So, let’s dive right into today’s episode!


Blog post related to the second part of the episode:  


David & Goliath inspirational paraphrased with permission, courtesy of Marcus Taylor @unlockelevation


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