Events: demystified
33: Out-of-the-box Hybrid Event Experiences and Models ft Will Curran (Endless Events)

Welcome to a new episode of “Events: demystified” brought to you by Tree-Fan Events, with your host, Anca. In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing a special guest: Will Curran, Head Einstein at Endless Events. Will and I had a little too much fun enjoying our newly formed connection but also touched on some very important things such as:

? a couple of brand new hybrid event models (Electron model?),

? the difference in mindset around Hybrid 1.0 vs Hybrid 2.0,

? how can you design a Hybrid 2.0 experience for your virtual and IRL audience,

? the difference between FOMO and JOMO in digital community models, and

? how crisis can be turned onto its head as an opportunity for growth and the valuable lessons learned there.


You will truly enjoy this episode so go ahead and dive right into today’s episode!


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