Events: demystified
S1_01: Introductions - Who is Anca Trifan, CMP (aka Tree-Fan Events)?

 I can’t believe that weeks and months of planning and strategizing have led to my very first podcast! I’m super excited to be bringing this content to you! My goal and desire over the years have always been to empower you: the event planners, the event coordinators, the executive assistants, the development directors, the marketing relation coordinators, the special event associates, the event’s ambassadors – you name it, basically anyone that has ever planned an event (aside from their birthday party) and whom at one time or another had to make some big decisions regarding technology and event audio-visual. I think they’re so much to be learned and my goal is to give you one extra tool in that shiny toolbox of yours that you go-to day in, day out in your everyday hustle in this world called: events.  In each episode, we will touch on a topic related to technical planning, audio-visual and lighting management, and productions of events. I’m super excited to kick this off and I sure hope you’re coming along!

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