Anca P. Trifan, CMP, DES is the CEO, creator, and strategist of Tree-Fan Events – a woman-owned and operated boutique event planning and production agency that she founded following years of experience in event production, where she adeptly wore many technical hats while skillfully planning, managing, and executing events of varying magnitudes.

Anca is a Certified Event Professional, a Digital Event Strategist, the recipient of the 2023 Smart Woman in Meetings Award by Smart Meetings, 40 under 40 BizBash Connect Corporate Meetings 2022 Awards, the 2022 #womentowatch award, and the 2021 winner of the Quickest Virtual Event Pivot Award by Untethered.

Anca is also the Host of “Events: demystified”, a tactical Podcast for anyone in the events industry, beginner or pro where entrepreneurs, event professionals, influences, and event industry leaders from the events community share their personal & professional expertise with her audience.

Founder of the online community, Women in Events (Tech + Prod), a LinkedIn community of women and female-identifying individuals that advocates for women in the technology and production world, Anca has been an advocate and an intentional voice raising awareness that there’s a need for more women role-models in the production event world, a passion fueled by a deep conviction that women in event technology and production are just as able and capable as men are.

Anca is a fascinating speaker with a rich life and business experience, a force to be reckoned with, a passionate thought leader and a bold advocate for women in business as well as in event technology and productions, a natural fitness athlete, and a motivational speaker with a passion for mental and physical fitness for small business owners, women, event & meeting professionals.  Through the means of podcasting as well as by personal example, Anca has set to encourage and empower other women to believe in their unique selves, skills, talents, creativity, emotional intelligence, and sensibility that can provide an amazing contribution to the business, technology, and event production world!

Join our growing community of Women Behind the Scenes in Events (tech + prod) and let’s redefine the Status Quo

Why #diversityinAV?

Female representation in a male-dominated AV event production niche matters because it can bring a much-needed diversity of perspectives and ideas to the team. It can also provide role models for young women and minorities who are interested in pursuing a career in the AV event production and technology fields. This can lead to better team dynamics, increased creativity, and better overall service for the end client. Additionally, having a more diverse team can lead to a better understanding of the needs of different audiences and clients, and can help to create AV services and products that are more accessible, and inclusive.

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