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Anca  (/ˈãnka/) is the founder, creator and CEO for Tree-Fan Events – a boutique event planning and production agency that is offering event planning consultation, experience design and production management for live, virtual and hybrid events. 

Anca is the Host of “Events: demystified”, a tactical Podcast for anyone in the events industry, beginner or pro where entrepreneurs, event professionals, influences and event industry leaders from the events community share their personal & professional experiences with her audience.

Originally from Romania, Anca moved to the US almost twenty years ago to become that which she couldn’t in her home country: an AV Unicorn and a certified event planner (CMP) with extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of AV, lighting, live-streaming, technical event planning, event design, event management, and will walk you through the entire event planning and production process with the highest level of standards to design a perfect and seamless event, using cutting-edge technology tools to create memorable event experiences while offering excellent customer service that enables long-lasting relationships.

Anca‘s many years of working large scale events on the front lines as a technical event producer, with the added skills of being a professional FOH (front-of-house) sound engineer, lighting designer and video director, have paved the way for planning and executing different types of events while wearing numerous hats over the years, from Sound Engineer, to Event Planner, Principal Event Producer and Technical Director. While these days she mainly fills the Event Planner and Technical Producer roles, she still runs sound weekly for and fills in any tech roles needed during events. Her main focus in the last ten+ years has been on strategic event planning, event and account management, contract negotiations, budgets and ROI and emerging event technologies for fundraisers, live and online auctions, for-profit/non-profit events and corporate events,  1-2 day conferences and annual meetings, providing planning services and technical production support to clients, attendees, sponsors, vendors and team members to ensure a successful, seamless and memorable event experience.

She is an advocate for women in the technology world, which is being fueled by a deep conviction and passion that there’s need for more women role models in the production event world.

Through the means of podcasting as well as by personal example, Anca wants to encourage and empower women to believe in their unique selves, skills, talents, creativity, emotional intelligence and sensibility that can provide an amazing contribution to the technology and event production world!

She is an eternal optimist realist, and a strong believer in the goodness of people, as well as passionate about the outdoors, environmental sustainability, lover of all things alive and green (hence the company name: Tree-fan), community involvement and development.

For questions or event consultations and advice, choose a time that works best for you, and let’s chat.  

Join our growing community of Women in Events (tech + prod) and let’s redefine the Status Quo
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Our approach to implementing our in-person, virtual and hybrid services is straight-forward and it consists of three simple steps:

  • Listening

We want to know everything there’s to know about your event – may that be an in-person event or in the age of COVID-19 virtual or hybrid – so that it can become a memorable experience for you and for your in-person or online audience, as well as reach its potential from a financial and ROI point of view. We will listen to your vision, what your goal for the event is, we’ll ask questions related to date, time, location, event format, space or platform, budget, design concept, content, talent (if any), timeline, programming details and if there are any other partners and vendors you’re already working with, for seamless coordination and communication purposes. It is crucial that we listen first to what your needs and wants are for your upcoming event.

  • Planning

Armed with all the known up-to-date information gathered, we will embark onto the most essential part of the process: planning. We will create a preliminary proposal with a clear and final budget in mind, we will connect and collaborate closely with all additional vendors and manage their involvement, budget and needs, we’ll get in touch with your talent and accommodate for their technology needs, we will create a production timeline and schedule for all the suppliers involved, we’ll arrange for technical rehearsals before the event (especially if the event is virtual), any load-in/load-out times (for in-person or hybrid events), and conduct all technical run-throughs with your speakers, presenters, emcee, benefit auctioneer, entertainment, etc.

  • Implementation

Once we plan the work, we will then work the plan the day of the event. Our day-of Technical Event Producer service offering describes in great details the type of care we will give to your event (in-person, virtual or hybrid) while our event AV partner will add the production value necessary to take your event to the next level. Depending on your event format, we will have a virtual or brick-n-mortar broadcasting studio fully equipment to produce the virtual/hybrid live-streaming of your event, and for in-person/hybrid events, bring a custom-designed high performance sound, video, projection, lighting, IMAG system to the event site, carefully selected to produce excellent results, and have it  set it up and operated it efficiently. Our broadcasting and AV technicians are professionally trained and fully equipped to run sound, video, lighting, camera(s) for live-streaming and in-person events without any hitches or glitches, under one watchful Event Producer‘s eye.