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Events: demystified
00: PROMO 2022 - Events: demystified Podcast

A veteran woman in event productions demystifying the Audio-Visual, Lighting, Technology, and Production behind In-Person, Virtual, and/or Hybrid Events. In each episode, we will share our hard-earned insightful tips, tricks, and tactics that will help you plan and execute successful events of all types, formats, and sizes! And also share the stories of those that make the #behindthescenes magic happen! 

Representing all #womeninav #womenineventproductions

This podcast is produced by Tree-Fan Events,  a woman-led boutique event production agency that will come alongside you, offering event planning and technical consultation, strategic event design, production management, and live-streaming for live, virtual, and hybrid events.

I welcome your feedback and topic ideas via email po*****@tr***********.com or via direct message on Instagram @eventsdemystifiedpodcast.  

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“Events: demystified” Podcast is also the producer of the mini-RANT series, where we go off the caff and say it as it is, tackling anything and everything in the av production, technology, and event industry at large that not a lot of people are willing to talk about. The Rant series is short and spicy and comes out twice a month, in between the more tamed interview-based episodes where entrepreneurs, event professionals, influences, and event industry leaders from our event community share their personal & professional expertise with our audience.

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