Events: demystified Podcast
Events: demystified Podcast
11: Coronavirus Chronicles and what can be done about it

Four weeks indoors as a family can make a few things clear. You will know if your marriage is stable and if you truly love your children. You will know if you can keep yourself occupied for a lot of hours. You will also know for certain if you love or hate puzzles, science projects and board games.  I always had a feeling I hated puzzles, but was not 100% sure of that until recently. I am now certain; I despise them.

All jokes aside, the reality is, we are all struggling to deal with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 virus, which will have both short- and long-term impact, and moving forward with scenario planning for a range of uncertainties pertaining to proceeding and recovering in the months and even years ahead.  When facing uncertainty or crisis, identifying reliable and timely sources of information is critical to making responsible decisions.  And I totally understand how this is a stressful time for everyone  and people want to know what they can do now to protect themselves and their families.

In this episode I will be talking exactly about that and sharing a bit of my experience in the quarantine.

I hope you will join me by tuning in on all major podcasting platforms as we will be exploring this topic together!

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