Events: demystified
36: Standing in your power as a female live-streamer ft Marisa Cali (Live on Social Now)

This is “Events: demystified” brought to you by Tree-Fan Events  with your Host, Anca. On today’s show I have Marisa Cali,  a virtual event producer from San Diego who supports the advancements of women in sports and inspires her community to be present for the conversations that matter.

A few fun facts about Marisa:

  • mindfulness & meditation has helped her tremendously and she hopes to inspire this practice in others as well,
  • women in tech is something she’s passionate about and encourages other women to not be afraid of,
  • work/life balance is the key to business growth.

During today’s episode we will touch on and discuss topics such as:

  • the most significant barrier that to overcome as a woman working in a predominately male-dominated niche
  • what does it mean to stand in your power as a female live-streamer
  • do’s and dont’s of Live Streaming
  • fool-proof streaming strategy
  • balance work and life responsibilities


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