Events: demystified
89: The world of AV & Pro Audio, flash news: it's all dudes ft Samantha Potter (Allen & Heath)

As we continue with another kick a$$ woman in AV and event productions part of the SEASON FIVE – WOMEN BEHIND THE SCENES IN EVENTS AND EVENT PRODUCTIONS, it is my great pleasure to introduce to you, Samantha Potter – Audio Engineer & Install Empress, currently at Allen & Heath USA serving as the manager of the installation and commercial audio. With a diverse background in AV/IT, production management, and system design, she also serves as a senior editor and author for ProSoundWeb, Church Sound Magazine, and Live Sound International. 

Growing up a classical musician, Samantha discovered live sound by way of the studio and eventually began developing curricula for houses of worship while managing the production of funk and R&B bands in the midwest.

Her show, Church Sound Podcast, can be found on all major podcasting platforms. 


  • Started in studio work
  • Love the blend of computers and technology with live events/music


Just a quick review, if this is your first time listening to the podcast, this season has been on my mind for many moons and it’s been a long time in the making. I am super stoked to introduce and interview many bad-a$$ women behind the scenes and in front of scenes, in events and event productions, and so in the next few episodes we will take some time to share their journey in the area of expertise they’re each championing, the challenges they had to overcome and the passion that drives them to stay and keep pushing forward in a male-dominated field.

Stay tuned for some spectacular humans joining me on the air in the upcoming weeks!


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