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Rant #10: Competent vs Likable - can a boss female be both?

Women, unlike men, are rarely perceived to be both competent and likable.”

Today’s RANT dives deep into the likability dilemma for women leaders or boss ladies, competence vs liability, a topic very much inspired by a recent TED talk I listened to, as well as some real-world case studies and recent event experiences from the world of AV event productions.

You can fill a room with studies on leadership that hail the importance of being a likable, honest, caring, and modest boss, but the truth is, as much as we talk about it, in the marketplace, that’s not what people want most. When people have a chance to choose whom to work with, and their own success depends in part on those people, a new study finds that cold competence becomes more important and likability less so.

When money is on the line, in other words, most people would rather work for a very competent jerk than a nice but less competent boss. 

Tune into this brand new RANT to find out where do I fall on this debate continuum and if you agree with me, or disagree.


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