Events: demystified
Rant #11: Keeping healthy and fit during long show/event days

“You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them”.

As the world of events started to open back up, many #eventprofs (including myself) have been packing their bags a whole lot this summer after an almost two-year downtime, and so re-learning what staying healthy while on the road and long events days remains a big priority, especially amid COVID-19. Tune into this brand new rant as I am demystifying the complex dilemma of keeping healthy, eating healthy and sticking to a fitness routine during long show days and weeks that run one into each other. Throw a fitness bodybuilding competition into the mix, and let’s see how can one handle it…

PS: Do send my way your positive vibes, prayers, etc, and wish me luck as I am deep in Prep this week, in the midst of Peak Week, and I will be traveling to the WA state for the Olympic Natural INBF competition that will take place on Sept 3rd. A lot of hard work went into the package I’ll be presenting on stage. 

PPS: The competition went extremely well and I took home TWO First Places in INBF Debut and Masters and a medal for Open Short. 


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