Events: demystified
Events: demystified
37: The Makings of Great Communities IRL & for Hybrid Events ft Dan Berger (Social Tables Founder)

This is “Events: demystified” brought to you by Tree-Fan Events and I’m your host, Anca. On today’s episode I have Dan Berger, the Founder and former CEO of Social Tables – and if you’ve been in events for at least a day, you’ve most likely heard and used Social Tables for your events – which he sold to Cvent in October of 2018. Prior to Social Tables, Dan worked in management consulting and served as a member of Congress. 

During today’s episode we get to demystify the idea of community, what does it mean for a post-pandemic world, what does it look like in the marketplace and ultimately, how do you build it for events moving forward with IRL & Hybrid. 

In Dan’s own words: “Belonging serves as an overall indicator of whether or not you’ve successfully built a real Community. Communities should feel exclusive to those who are a part of them. Why? Part of who we are is defined by who we aren’t. When everyone belongs, no one belongs.”

Stay tuned for additional tips shared by Dan, a true entrepreneur at heart, that left quite a legacy behind at Social Tables.


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