Virtual Event Platforms 101

What are the top features to look for in virtual event platforms? Check out this short video and let us

Virtual Event Production Specifications – Free Template

In a world where technology changes at impressive speeds, it’s our job as events professionals to keep up with the

Tech Tuesday Q&A – Technology & Strategy for Virtual Events

Ask away, no question is a dumb question!       Join us on Tuesday at 10 am (PT), 11

Virtual Presenter Tips for Going Live from an In-Home Studio

By now we’ve all attended several virtual events, if not more, and many of us planned, hosted or produced dozens

Virtual Event Producers: what do they do?

Most of the virtual events being hosted and produced these days involve video technology platforms connecting people in an intuitive

Virtual Event Production Planning Phases

In this post we want to provide you with an in-depth overview of the different virtual event production planning phases

Four different types of Virtual Event Platforms

If you’re an event professional that is planning virtual events, you need to know this! Especially during this time of

Virtual Event Expert Round-table

While we’re all in the swing of planning and producing virtual events, we were so honored to have been invited

Event Live Streaming is Complex

In today’s virtual events landscape, it’s all about customer success, reason why an increasing number of live streaming providers are

Hybrid Events are Here to Stay

By now it’s not news that virtual events are here to stay and while we’re not 100% sure when exactly

Virtual Event Speaker Tips: Post-Event (p3)

As a virtual event speaker, there are lots of things you can do after your online presentation because your efforts

Virtual Event Speaker Tips: Performance (p2)

In this the second part of this three-part series on  how to prepare for a webinar or a livecast as

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