Going LIVE to Instagram with pre-recorded Content: lessons learned

If you’ve been live-streaming events for a tiny little while you would know how Instagram has been that one coveted

Five free live-streaming tools

As promised in my latest Podcast Episode, below I will showcase five (or more) free tools for virtual events broadcasting

Virtual Home Offices – Attendee & Speaker Best Practices

This below was a fun project our principal event producer, Anca, got invited to participate in to discuss Virtual Home

Elevate your Zoom Meeting’s Engagement with Magic

You know how all those Zoom meetings, (some of them so-called Events ), can get pretty darn boring… well, here’s

Five Tips for Pre-Event Video Content for Virtual Events

One year into virtual events and by now it’s quite clear how important great content is when it comes to

Why it’s important to pivot your fundraiser to virtual

      Watch the entire Podcast Episode by pressing here. Or listen to the audio episode here: Events: demystified

Case Study: 2021 Virtual Scholarship Gala

Fourteen states represented. Simultaneously held in four time zones. Over 500 registrants. Donations from alumni, friends and parents. Numerous Yote

Video Podcast: The New Role of a Benefit Auctioneer in Virtual Fundraising with Zack Krone

Covid-19 has turned events on their head, especially fundraising events. What used to work in person has proved for the

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