LIVE: Fundraising Bidness Talk

Patrick Siver of gEvents LLC is one of the virtual fundraising event pioneers that has been one of the first

The 4 “T” Pillars Of Successful Virtual Events

What are the four pillars of successful virtual events? By now we’ve all attended enough virtual events to get a

Video Podcast: Event Technology Trends of 2021

Welcome to a brand new uncut video episode of “Events: demystified” produced & sponsored by Tree-Fan Events with your host, Anca. In today’s

Webinar: How to Produce a Virtual Fundraising Event

How to Produce a Virtual Event Fundraiser: with Virtual Event Producer Anca Trifan, CMP of Tree-Fan Events, hosted by Auctria

Fundraising Strategies for 2021

If you’ve already planned and hosted a virtual event in 2020, you know  now that very few things are as

Virtual Fundraising Roadmap to Success

If you’re in the nonprofit world you know that fundraising is a core component of most nonprofits strategies. Usually fundraising

FREE Resources for Virtual Events: ROS & Cue2Cue Script Templates

You’re in the right place! You might be here just for the FREE resources and that’s okay, we do love

Virtual Fundraising Case Studies

Online Fundraising with a Live-Streaming component of the Live Auction has been plan A for many non-profit organizations since March

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