By now, you’re probably familiar with the several available experimental hybrid event models (single site, network and hub & spoke) which we’ve covered in one of our previous podcast episodes on Events: demystified.

This hybrid fundraising model we will showcase in this blog post that we’ve produced mid-June was the single site model = a central in-person experience at a single venue that is then amplified to a virtual audience for wider reach, the model that most likely most hybrid events will fall into. The key to making this hybrid event model a success is to provide meaningful experiences for both virtual and in-person audiences.

 Concert Rock Violinist, Aaron Meyer of Pink Martini


And that’s exactly what we did. We created a totally separate and unique experience for the virtual audience within the flow of the main event which worked great as the virtual audience enjoyed a live performance by Concert Rock Violinist, Aaron Meyer of Pink Martini, sprinkled with 2 min interview sponsor spots well placed within the 30 min time allotment that it took for the LIVE Auction to commence in the main event space (aka tent set up specifically for the gala at a beautiful secluded vineyard in West Linn, OR).

This virtual segment had its own Emcee and the live feed switched beautifully from the main room to the separate VIP reception area where this particular segment live-streamed from.

What made this model a success? The added bonus of a separate Emcee and live entertainment which were a nice touch for this hybrid fundraising gala.


Hope this example will inspire you to think outside-the-box for your future hybrid fundraising event and I’d love to hear from you how that panned out for your event.

Below is the on-demand link to preview and see if this might be a model you’d like to explore for your next hybrid fundraising event.

If you need help imagining how-to use technology and your budget to make this happen, send me an email and let’s have a conversation, if you haven’t figured it out by now, let me remind you: I am an open book when it comes to sharing the good and the bad, the lessons learned from the few (well, more than few) events planned and produced so far.