Recently McKinsey & Company released a 12-page report on “The trends defining the 1.8 TRILLION global wellness market in 2024. It was full of insights, with one particular paragraph standing out:

“Our latest Future of Wellness survey finds that consumers are taking greater control over their health–are expecting COMPANIES to provide effective, SCIENCE-BACKED solutions.”

Why does this matter? Because attendees now expect events and companies to cater to their well-being. If you don’t, they aren’t coming back. And if they do fill out those surveys, the feedback won’t be pretty.

Here’s a quick summary of the key points from the report and why they matter for your next event:

Holistic Health Integration: Wellness is now part of daily life, blending physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Your event activities should feel like a natural extension of this integration, not just an afterthought.

Corporate Wellness: Businesses are embedding wellness into their core strategies, enhancing productivity, morale, and reducing healthcare costs. So why does it often get overlooked at events, meetings, and conferences?

Technology and Personalization: Wearable tech and health apps are making wellness data-driven and personalized. These tools can provide attendees with insights into their health metrics, enabling a tailored wellness experience. Let’s go beyond steps challenges and fully leverage the available tech!

Sustainable Wellness: Environmental consciousness is a growing part of the wellness economy, from eco-friendly retreats to green beauty products. This aligns perfectly with modern consumer values.

Mental Health: The importance of mental health is being recognized with more resources to combat stigma and provide support. This holistic approach should be a standard part of your wellness offerings, in line with Event Mind Matter’s work.

Global Wellness Tourism: People seek wellness-oriented travel experiences like yoga retreats and wellness cruises. Why not make your corporate event a wellness destination too?

Navigating Wellness Washing: Amid the wellness boom, “wellness washing” has emerged as a concern. This deceptive practice involves marketing products as healthier than they truly are. Consumers are turning to healthcare providers for credible advice to counteract misleading claims.

This shift towards comprehensive well-being is not just a trend but a movement. Attendees expect companies to provide for their well-being. The wellness concept is redefining how we live, work, and interact with our environments and events.

So why aren’t we giving it to our attendees? Is it because we don’t know how, or do we not know the ‘why’ behind the efforts? Tree-fan Events is the producer of “Return On Wellness”,  a YouTube Channel dedicated to educational videos you are welcome to view. And, if you’re considering integrating wellness into an upcoming event, do it with intention. Ensure that whoever you bring in can educate on-site about the benefits of what you’re offering, not just that “it’s good for you.”

Our wellness partners at Olympian Meeting have a board-certified Medical Doctor and Nutritionist on their team.

That’s what makes us different. We are not influencers; we are fact-checkers and scientific study readers. We use evidence-based practices to drive event ROI.

Showcase Your Property’s Wellness Excellence!

Is your hotel a leader in wellness offerings? Stand out by showcasing your exceptional wellness experiences for groups!

Highlight your wellness initiatives with us:

  • Movement: Diverse physical activities to keep attendees energized and engaged.
  • Mindfulness: Relaxation spaces for meaningful connections.
  • Meals: Nutritious, delicious meals catering to all dietary needs.
  • Meaning: Experiences that connect guests to local culture and community.

Showcasing your unique wellness approach can boost visibility and appeal to health-conscious travelers. Olympian Meeting & Tree-Fan Events will document and highlight your property’s wellness offerings.

Contact Anca P Trifan, CMP, DES, WMEP or David T. Stevens®, PMED on LinkedIn to arrange a call. Make wellness a cornerstone of your group’s experience!

Let’s set a new standard in hospitality together. Share your wellness story with the world! 



This blog post is from David T. Stevens®, PMED’s LinkedIn newsletter: What’s Up With Wellness.

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