At Tree-Fan Events, we had the recent honor of collaborating with an AV production company to fine-tune their client services onboarding processes. This initiative aimed to develop a comprehensive onboarding framework, ensuring that each member of the client services team was aligned and adhered to a consistent approach. Here’s how we championed this transformation.

The Vision Behind the Framework

Our mission was to create a standardized process that encapsulates the complexity and diversity of client needs in the AV production landscape. By implementing this framework, the client services team can deliver consistent excellence, enabling the company to navigate client intakes with ease and precision.

Crafting the Client Services Event Life Cycle

The life cycle we mapped out consists of four critical stages:

  1. Intake Process: The beginning of the journey, where first impressions are made and critical information is gathered. This stage involves initial contact, whether by email, web form, or phone, and leads to the scheduling of a discovery call. Here, the Simplified Screening Questions (SSQ) play a crucial role in determining the client’s requirements and whether the company is the right fit for their needs.
  2. Pre-Production Process: This phase is all about preparation and detailed planning. From creating show overview documents to scheduling handoff meetings, the pre-production stage lays the groundwork for a flawless execution. Coordination with the operations and technical team during this phase ensures that all equipment and logistics are meticulously planned.
  3. Day-Of-Show Process: It’s showtime, and all the planning comes into action. The day-of-show process requires real-time updates, troubleshooting, and ensuring that the client’s experience is seamless. This stage emphasizes the importance of relationship building with the client, ensuring their vision is realized.
  4. Post-Production Process: After the event, the focus shifts to reflection and learning. Collecting feedback, finalizing invoices, and debriefing with the technical team allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the event’s success and areas for improvement.

The Intake Process: In-Depth

Diving deeper into the intake process, it’s crucial to understand the importance of asking the right questions. This is where the our Comprehensive Screening Questions Intake Form comes into play. It’s designed to elicit detailed information across various aspects:

  • Event Overview Questions: Establish the type, objectives, and scope of the event.
  • Technical Requirements: Identify specific AV needs to support the event’s sound, lighting, visuals, rigging, and staging.
  • Content and Program: Gain insight into the event agenda and any unique content or special features.
  • Logistics and Venue: Understand venue-specific considerations and logistics.
  • Budget and Follow-Up: Discuss financial parameters and establish the main point of contact for ongoing coordination.

Would you like to receive our Comprehensive Screening Questions Intake Form? Connect with us now. the Client Experience

By integrating this structured approach, we ensure that each team member has the necessary information to deliver unparalleled service. This framework is not just about ticking off boxes; it’s about building a comprehensive understanding of the client’s vision and goals, which is essential for curating an event that resonates with the audience and exceeds expectations.


Our work with the AV production company underscores the impact of a well-defined client onboarding framework. It’s a testament to our commitment to integrating advanced AI solutions, exceptional AV production, and a focus on meaningful engagement. This framework is more than a process; it’s a pathway to creating unforgettable experiences and fostering growth in the dynamic world of event production. With this framework, the AV production company is now equipped to deliver consistent and exceptional experiences for every client, embodying our #FIT4EVENTS framework. It’s about setting new standards and ensuring that each event is not only a performance but a masterpiece of technical artistry.

Ready to elevate your production company’s client onboarding experience? Tree-Fan Events offers an expert outside perspective to refine your processes and enhance efficiency. Connect with us to harness the power of a bespoke client intake framework, tailored specifically to your business needs. Let’s collaborate to transform your client services and set a new standard in AV production. Contact us today—where your next level awaits.

The #FIT4E framework is our vision for the future, integrating AI to enhance AV production, audience engagement, and behind-the-scenes operations. It’s about crafting not just events, but experiences. How FIT is your event? Let’s find out!

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