The reality of hybrid events is that some events will require less setup and equipment, while others will require more.

? Let’s talk about YOUR event’s specifics.

Prospecting for a blanket setup for all, in our example here a hybrid fundraising gala,  would be a close to impossible task because each event is quote different in itself, with so many different elements and factors that play into what setup, what gear, what production event partner, what technology best fits the event’s goals and needs.

That being said, there will be some tech elements that will stay similar from event to event.

If you’re streaming your in-person event – adding the “hybrid” element, in addition to the in-ballroom/in-room AV setup, the setup will obviously require a few additional things, such as:

  • one to three (if not more, based on the outcome desired) cameras,
  • video switching capability,
  • the ability for presenter/emcee/benefit auctioneer to preview what the virtual audience sees, their script or outline, the live view of the giving platform (super important in fundraising),
  • possibly the chat/Q&A window of the virtual event platform used, or the custom landing page the stream gets embedded on,
  • playback of content,
  • countdown timer, etc

and by the time you finish reading this paragraph, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that all these additional previews require an input/output medium, aka additional monitors and gear.

And I won’t even go into the details of all the necessary streaming and video production equipment that’s generally speaking set up behind the scenes, the same way you would have at an in-person event, the 2-3 x 8′ long each tech table at the back of the room, with lots of gear that probably you’ve always wondered if it’s all that necessary… ? because I know what goes through your head.

And yes, the answer is always YES. It is all necessary. Would you drive your car without spark plugs? I mean, are they really that necessary? I say, try it and you’ll find out.


On the other hand, you could always start with a smaller setup, a virtual studio setup at home for your BAS (=benefit auctioneer specialist) and Event Host (=emcee) to join from, which could be streamed LIVE to several house hubs (=watch parties). With the help of a BTS (=behind the scenes) Technical Event Producer you could even “tap” live into these watch parties and bring them on screen to say ‘hi’, if you’d like to, as a temporally break into your event flow, you know, like you would do with commercial breaks if this was an actual TV broadcast. Food for thought, for sure.

OK, to wrap things up because this is getting to long, here’s the deal.

You can worry as much as you’d like about making sure you’re not missing something important, as you’re scrolling through pages of equipment while comparing AV RFPs, many times written in a foreign-to-you language, each technical lingo particular to one AV Production and streaming vendor, or another.

OR…. you can let us do the bidding and heavy lifting for you, schedule a quick initial consultation, understand your event’s needs, goals and objectives, reach out to a list of trusted AV partners and streaming friend-ors, negotiate on your behalf several options, present and “translate” it all back to you in words that make sense, while making sure your event’s needs are met, based on your goals and objectives. We make this process super easy, linear and stress-free for you.

? Give it a try. Let’s talk.

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