As a woman, I believe that supporting, elevating, and empowering other women is crucial for our collective success and growth. One of the most important ways we can support each other is by lifting each other up. Women supporting women is crucial for our collective success and empowerment. When we encourage and empower each other, we can achieve anything.  When we come together to uplift and encourage each other, we create a powerful force that can break down barriers and challenge societal norms. Whether it’s in the workplace, in our personal lives, or in our communities, we must prioritize the success and empowerment of our fellow women. By supporting each other, we can foster a sense of sisterhood and create a world where all women have the opportunity to thrive.

Together, we can achieve greatness and make a positive impact on the world.

And so this is exactly what we did during Women’s International Day’s Live stream:

Bada$$ Women Elevating Other Bada$$ Women

Tune into the re-play to:

  • Understand the importance of women supporting other women in leadership
  • Learn practical strategies for building supportive networks and advocating for other women in the workplace
  • Gain insights on the role of mentorship and sponsorship in elevating other women and creating a culture of empowerment
  • Learn how to overcome common obstacles to women supporting women, such as workplace biases and societal expectations
  • Learn how to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace through intentional efforts to elevate and empower women.

After tuning into this video, I hope you feel empowered and motivated to not just reflect on the progress we’ve made so far but to also celebrate the strong, talented, and resilient women around you and in your space.  

When it comes to building a supportive network of women in events and AV productions, there are a few practical steps we can take.

 Firstly, attending and working behind the scenes on industry events is an excellent way to connect with like-minded women who share similar goals and values. These events provide an opportunity to engage in conversation, share experiences, and build relationships. It’s also essential to be open and authentic when building these relationships. Being willing to share our struggles and successes allows us to connect on a deeper level, creating a supportive and collaborative environment.  Additionally, promoting the success of other women is crucial. Celebrating their achievements and offering support creates an environment where we can all thrive.

Finally, it’s essential to challenge our own biases and work towards creating a space where all women feel welcome and valued.

By continuously learning, growing, and advocating for each other, we can create a network that empowers and uplifts women in events and AV productions.

To create a culture of empowerment and support through mentorship, it’s also crucial to ensure that mentors and mentees are paired thoughtfully. The mentor should have relevant experience and be able to provide guidance and support tailored to the mentee’s needs. Additionally, creating a safe and supportive environment where mentees feel comfortable sharing their experiences, challenges, and successes is crucial. Finally, it’s essential to recognize the impact of mentorship and encourage women to pay it forward by becoming mentors themselves.

By creating a culture of mentorship and support, we can empower and elevate women in AV production, ultimately leading to a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Male allies play a crucial role in supporting women in AV productions. They have the power to amplify our voices, challenge gender biases and create a more inclusive and equitable industry.

One way to enlist male allies’ help in promoting gender equality is to engage them in the conversation.  Educate them on the challenges women face in the industry and the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Encourage them to speak out against sexism and discrimination and to actively work towards creating a more equitable industry. It’s also important to recognize the role of male allies in mentorship. They can provide guidance and support, advocate for women’s advancement, and provide access to new opportunities. Ultimately, the goal is to create a culture where male allies are committed to supporting and empowering women in AV productions.

By working together, we can create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industry that benefits everyone.

By breaking down these barriers, we can create a more equal and just society, where women can hold leading positions of power, their work is valued, and their presence matters. Things have gotten better in the last few years, and thank goodness, not every woman goes through the same challenges.  Sometimes it certainly feels like going against the current, spinning your wheels in the sand with little traction, yet when I hear the many empowering stories from #womeninAV, their resilience, and grit, my heart leaps with joy. We have a long way to go to create the proper environment for women in event productions.

If only one woman faces any of these situations in our industry, we still have work to do. This is not all in vain, there’s definitely traction, and while change takes time, it’s happening right under our eyes!

 Let’s work together to make this happen.

Three simple ways you can join me on this mission:

  1. When you notice a woman #behindthescenes in an AV tech role, go to her and pay her a compliment or just thank her for her hard work
  2. Encourage #womeninAV that you know or come across to join our community of women #behindthescenes:
  3. Post a photo of a #womaninav (with her permission) and highlight her on your channels with #diversityinAV #womeninAV hashtags

I hope you feel empowered and motivated to not just reflect on the progress we’ve made so far, but to also celebrate the strong, talented, and resilient women around you and in your space. Not to sound like a broken record, but one of the most important ways we can support each other is by lifting each other up. When we encourage and empower each other, we can achieve anything.

So, on this International Women’s Day and every single day after, let’s make a pledge to support and uplift the women in our lives and work towards a future where all women have equal opportunities!

Happy International Women’s Day!

If you’re in need of a technical event producer and director that is a female that has worn all the hats in AV and events productions and is always looking for ways to empower and elevate other women in events and AV productions,  let’s connect and see if our synergy matches up.