AI in Events and B2B Marketing ft Ike Singh Kehal’s #EventsGPT

Welcome back to the Events Demystified podcast! I’m your host, Anca Trifan, and in this episode, we’re kicking off the new year and a new season by diving into the innovative world of AI in B2B marketing. We’re joined by a special returning guest, Ike Singh Kehal, CEO of Social27, to explore the latest trends in AI as they relate to marketing and events in 2024.

Key Points Discussed:

  • AI in Events and Marketing: Ike shares insights on how AI was used in 2023 for content and image creation and predicts a shift towards AI agents that assist in various aspects of event planning and marketing.
  • AI Agents as Specialized Tools: The concept of AI agents is likened to a beehive, where each ‘bee’ or agent has a specific task, such as content creation, image generation, or venue selection. These agents can work together to streamline event planning.
  • Personalization and Matchmaking: AI’s potential to personalize event experiences and facilitate better matchmaking between buyers and sellers is highlighted. Ike emphasizes the importance of using AI to analyze event data in real-time to connect attendees with relevant content and contacts.
  • Custom GPTs for Events: The discussion moves towards the value of creating custom GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) for specific events or industries to provide tailored knowledge and support.
  • Pre-Event Engagement: Ike stresses the untapped potential of pre-event engagement, suggesting that connecting attendees and sponsors before the event can lead to more meaningful interactions and better ROI.
  • Events GPT Copilot: Anca shares her experience using the Events GPT copilot, which is embedded in ChatGPT Pro accounts. Ike explains how it helps event professionals plan and market their events by leveraging a knowledge base and AI technology.
  • AI for Real-Time Summarization: Anca expresses a desire for AI tools that can summarize event sessions in real time, providing attendees with concise takeaways. Ike acknowledges the need and hints at upcoming features in their platform.

AI in Events and Marketing

AI is transforming the event industry and marketing strategies by automating tasks, enhancing attendee engagement, and aiding in lead generation. AI agents provide personalized experiences and assist in content creation. They are expected to become more advanced, integrating with technologies like virtual reality for immersive experiences.

AI Agents in Event Planning

AI agents streamline event planning by automating tasks and personalizing experiences. They provide real-time assistance and analysis, facilitating quick access to information. The integration of AI into event planning signifies a shift towards innovation and the use of new technologies.

AI in B2B Event Marketing

AI provides solutions to B2B event marketing challenges like lead generation and matchmaking. AI agents can create personalized landing pages and assist in event planning and management. They can also extend their reach beyond the physical event, identifying potential leads who are engaging with the event online.

Custom GPTs for Event Support

Custom GPTs, or AI models trained on specific knowledge bases, can provide tailored and personalized responses, enhancing the event experience for attendees. They also address pre-event engagement, providing support and information before the event.

Pre-event Connections Drive Event Success

Pre-event connections are crucial for event success. Technology enables solid connections to be made before the event, increasing the chances of meaningful connections and deal-making. The use of custom GPTs in event support has the potential to revolutionize the events industry.

Custom GPT Enhances Event Planning

Custom GPT provides a wealth of knowledge for event organizers, streamlining event planning processes and improving attendee engagement. However, it should be used responsibly, avoiding the sharing of sensitive information.

AI Avatars and Content Creation

AI avatars can alleviate the burden of content creation by generating personalized content. However, they require further training to accurately mimic speech patterns and mannerisms. Improved avatar technology is needed for individuals with multilingual backgrounds and accents.

Custom GPT in Event Planning

Custom GPT can enhance event planning by providing a vast knowledge base, streamlining processes, and improving attendee engagement. It should be used responsibly, avoiding the sharing of sensitive information.

AI and Virtual Events

AI plays a crucial role in virtual events, enabling real-time support and personalizing experiences. AI agents can analyze data and provide insights, improving event management and attendee satisfaction. Moreover, AI can facilitate virtual networking and enhance the overall virtual event experience.

AI Integration and Well-being

AI integration can have an impact on mental and physical well-being due to demanding nature of the industry. Strategies such as work-life balance, mindfulness practices, and fostering a supportive work environment can help manage the complexities of AI integration.

Family and Passion for Work

Family and passion for work are crucial for a fulfilling life. Nurturing relationships with loved ones and having a genuine passion for work can prevent burnout. Balancing business-oriented projects and passion projects can add meaning to work.

Future of AI in Events and Marketing

The future of AI in events and marketing is promising, with advancements expected to offer more sophisticated, personalized experiences. Emerging technologies, including AI avatars and custom GPT, present exciting possibilities for the industry. The integration of AI with other technologies will shape the future of events and marketing.


The episode wraps up with a discussion on the future of AI in events, the importance of making AI tools accessible and user-friendly for event professionals, and the potential of AI avatars for content creation. Ike and Anca agree that while AI is advancing rapidly, there’s still much to explore and implement in the event industry. Stay tuned for more insights and developments as we continue to demystify the world of event technology together.

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