Patrick Siver of gEvents LLC is one of the virtual fundraising event pioneers that has been one of the first in the nation to pivot their event to virtual in March of 2020. Many professionals claim they’ve been some of the first to do it in 2020 and when you fact-check their event dates, they’re talking about May or June. Patrick did it on March 11th of 2020 and as a matter of fact, he’s about to come to the one year anniversary of that event, which is going to be virtual again this year! While he claims he couldn’t even spell ‘live-streaming’ back then, we know he always had a knack for technology. Even so, he’s come a long way since that very first event, longer than anyone we know! His eagerness to learn as much as possible about the technology behind live-streaming and the production value that added to a virtual event can really elevate the event to a whole other level has positioned him to bring so much more added value to his clients and the events he’s involved in.

I’ve had the honor to be invited to one of his live streamed discussion where he dissects virtual and hybrid fundraising events on a weekly basis, and this conversation here,  centers around what it means and what it takes to be using pre-recorded video content for virtual & hybrid events. Every fundraising event in this new environment needs quality video assets and on that premise, we’ve discussed best practices and reasons for using video in virtual fundraising events. We shared tips for creating a quality product, even on a budget! And I got to share my check-list of C.A.L.L. (Call, Audio, Lighting, Location)… Tune in for some great info for anyone involved in planning and producing a virtual fundraising event!