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The Future is Now: How AI is Changing the Game in Tech, Work, and Life


In today’s blog post, we delve into an enlightening conversation with Massoud Alibakhsh, a seasoned tech entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of OMADEUS. Our podcast host, Anca Platon Trifan, engages with Massoud to explore the groundbreaking influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on the way humans and machines communicate.

Massoud is not just any AI engineer; he’s a multifaceted professional who has founded several software technology startups. His extensive experience in overseeing comprehensive operations—spanning production, marketing, sales, support, implementation, and administration—provides him with a unique and invaluable perspective on the critical challenges facing tech organizations today.

One of the key points Massoud emphasizes is the rapid, exponential growth of technology and its evolutionary impact on society. He argues that humans are not sufficiently prepared to adapt to these fast-paced advancements. However, there’s a silver lining: the emergence of AI, particularly in the realm of natural language processing, now offers the capability to understand and process human language with remarkable reliability. This development could be a game-changer in bridging the communication gap, especially in tech-centric organizations.

The guest acknowledges that AI is not limited to chatbots like Chat GPT but encompasses a broader spectrum of AI and machine learning. As an engineer and software developer, he expresses excitement about the opportunity to integrate natural language processing with traditional software. This integration has been a long-awaited breakthrough for him, as it enables the machine to understand natural language with 100% reliability.

The significance of this advancement lies in the fact that humans communicate naturally through language. The ability for machines to comprehend and respond to natural language opens up endless possibilities for amplifying human talent and abilities. The guest encourages listeners to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge of AI, as it can greatly enhance their capabilities in ways they may not have imagined.

The exponential acceleration of technology and evolutionary forces has caught many off guard, highlighting the need to adapt and harness the potential of AI. By integrating natural language processing with traditional software, AI can understand natural language with 100% reliability. This breakthrough opens up endless possibilities for amplifying human talent and abilities.


The AI Revolution: It’s Legit, Not Just Sci-Fi

Remember dreaming about talking robots as a kid? Well, Massoud is making those dreams a reality. He’s not just about chatbots; he’s talking full-on human-machine communication. And let’s be real, who didn’t want their own talking robot as a kid?

Key Takeaways:

1. Exponential Tech Growth: If you’re not learning about AI, you’re basically living in the Stone Age. Time to catch up!
2. Natural Language Processing: Machines get us now—like, they really get us. It’s not just Siri and Alexa; it’s a game-changer across industries.
3. AI’s Broad Spectrum: We’re not talking simple tasks; we’re talking AI that can amplify human talent. So, no more excuses for not being a genius!

Machines Are Getting Cheeky

AI is not just playing chess and recognizing your face; it’s doing things we didn’t even program it to do. Yep, it’s learning to surprise us, in a good way, of course!

Key Takeaways:

1. Data is the New Oil: Especially if you’re in event management, data is your treasure chest. Guard it like a pirate!
2. Emerging Properties: AI can now do unexpected things like language translation. But don’t worry, they’re not planning world domination—yet.
3. Voice Tech: A sexy AI voice can make all the difference. Imagine asking your AI to set a timer and it sounding like George Clooney.

Your Body and Work Life, Upgraded

Who knew that AI could help you get fit and be more efficient at work? From body hacking with intermittent fasting to AI project managers, the future is looking pretty darn cool.

Key Takeaways:

1. Evolutionary Body Hacking: Cold showers and intermittent fasting aren’t just for Instagram influencers; they’re science-backed ways to level up your life.
2. AI in Project Management: Imagine a world where your project manager is an AI. Goodbye, chaos; hello, efficiency!

So, What’s the Game Plan?

1. For Your Health: Maybe give intermittent fasting or cold showers a try. Athletes swear by it, so why not you?
2. For Your Work: If you’re in project management or events, keep an eye on AI tools like PCMA’s Project Spark. It’s still in beta, but it’s promising!


Ready to level up your game? Open your mind to new tools like AI, feed that curiosity, and let’s get artsy with it.

If this is vibing with you, then let’s talk! Your next groundbreaking event awaits. Let’s make the future happen!

Podcast Transcript provided by Swell AI

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