You’re in the right place! You might be here just for the FREE resources and that’s okay, we do love to share everything that has worked for us. In addition to that, know that we’ve got everything you need to host a successful virtual event, be that a virtual annual meeting, virtual gala, a virtual fundraising event or any other type of virtual event you’ve got in the works that you need help with producing and live-streaming.

With us, you and/or your organization can take full advantage of our expertise, experience and skills of planning and producing in-person, virtual and hybrid events and make your next virtual event a success. Our Virtual Event Producer will work closely with you and your team to determine your event’s specific needs and define how we can best assist you to maximize your event’s potential and meet your goals with all the technology and production tools at hand. Our vast group of strategic partners include AV production houses, online auction platforms, benefit auctioneers and fundraising ambassadors, event planners, script writers, mobile bidding platforms, enterprise grade event platforms, event services and technology houses which complement and expand our skills & solutions. We’re always happy to make a referral so feel free to reach out to us, by contacting us here.

While live-streaming has  been a new reality for many, it has not been for us, we have provided live-streaming services for our in-person events for many years. This year however, this particular service request as grown tremendously and so we spent the last nine months completely immersed in the virtual technology and production world assisting over 60 local and national organizations produce their very first virtual/digital events.

We have several packages. Our 100% virtual package is priced much lower than most of the in-studio productions that require you to rent an actual studio time slot, while still offering a high production value to your broadcasts on a platform that is intuitive and easy for people to use and engage with during your event. With our non-profit package and pricing structure, because of our current strategic partnerships with a select number of online bidding platforms and AV production live-streaming vendors, we make it accessible for more non-profit organizations to broadcast their event from an in-studio location while leaving with more money in their pocket to continue the important work they’re doing for the community they’re serving.

FREE Resources for Virtual Events

Virtual Presenter C.A.L.L. Checklist_TreeFan Events

Virtual Presenter Pre-Event Broadband Checklist_TreeFan Events

Virtual Events Production Specifications_Example_TreeFan Events

If you’d like to receive our FREE Run of Show and Cue2Cue Script Templates (five different fully customizable templates word document), please fill the form below.

Here’s a .pdf example of one of the templates available for download Virtual Event General Script_Template – TreeFan Events (available as a word document as well once you fill the form below).