In a world where technology changes at impressive speeds, it’s our job as events professionals to keep up with the changes. We got to be pioneers and be the first to step into more inclusive, engaging, sustainable events that have a much wider reach than any in-person event ever will, connecting people from around the world at much lower costs and increased flexibility. That to me sounds like amazing news, an opportunity that can not be missed!

The technology tools we have readily available right now represent an ocean of untapped opportunities. From being able to reduce the carbon footprint to making education and networking available to more people, virtual events are full of potential. However, if you’re finding yourself planning to take your event online for the very first time, you’re probably aware of how your event has different needs than an in-person event had.

The good news is that we’re here to help in your efforts to put all the right pieces together – from event goals, objectives, concept, to budget, production needs & logistics, event format, content, speakers, entertainment, and marketing –  so that you feel more than confident to host a virtual event for the very first time.

To ease one process and check mark it off your list, we have put together a template for you for the Virtual Event Production Specifications so you leave nothing to guess. Along with the template, you will get three more .pdf downloadable documents on how-to schedule a YouTube Live Stream, set a live feed on Facebook, and the type of admin privileges you need to grant to your production company in order to stream directly on your Facebook page.

If don’t have an Event Producer on your side yet, we’ve got you covered complete with several packages to choose from:

Fully Remote Virtual Event Production & LIVE Broadcast  (compliant with at-home guidelines)

Remote Virtual Producer + In-Studio Virtual Event Production & LIVE Broadcast 

In-Studio Virtual Producer + In-Studio Virtual Event Production & LIVE Broadcast 

Remote Virtual Producer + On-location Virtual Event Production Support & LIVE Broadcast 

Remote Live Controller + Online Auction Page for Bidding on the Auctria Platform 

Video editing and content creation services available upon request.

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