In a recent interview, I was asked, what is, in my humble opinion, after producing so many virtual and hybrid events,  ??? #? ????? ???? ??????? & ?????? ???????? ????? ???????? ?????

We’ve had over 24 months of figuring out our tech setup at home, and while many speakers are somewhat still challenged by that, it’s definitely better than what we started with.

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In the post below, keeping things short and sweet, I will share what I see more often than not.

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Individual sessions in a virtual format (and even in-person) should not exceed 45 min, and for a solo presenter, should not be longer than 20 min tops with room for Q&A, with the flexibility of extending the session if the audience is really engaged.

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I’ve been saying this a lot part of my regular posts and blogs, our brains are hardwired for stories and we connect and engaged the most with stories. The stories and examples told during a presentation should not compete with the PowerPoint slides and the words on those slides so the audience doesn’t struggle with listening to the story while trying to read slides all at the same time. ??? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ?? ??????????.

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As an event organizer or event producer, it is your responsibility to find a way to mix up the format, rather than having a long block of back-to-back presentations, how about your break it up with shorter table discussions/breakout rooms, experiential workshops, pre-recorded video, panel discussions with the audience partaking in the conversation, a yoga calming session or even a middle of the day dance party to get the body moving and the brain cells activated again.

And if the technology and production elements get in the way, don’t let that be the reason why your audience loses interest fast and becomes disengaged.

Let’s chat, we’d love to remove that hurdle away so you can focus on your content, your speakers, your sponsors, and your audience.

Below, I’ve got a limited number of spots left for some ???-??-??? ??????? 60 ??? ??????? ??? ?????? ????? ????????????? tailored for your event, may that be a meeting, a conference, or a fundraising gala.


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