As an event professional and woman in business that REALLY cares about her fitness programming and nutrition regime, I’ll be honest, I feel like the odd one more often than not especially when working events.

After a long show day, the other #eventpros I’d be working with, either on the planning or the production team would go out drinking, I’d be going to the gym for a late-night workout.

Another resource about how Mental Fitness can become a By-Product of Physical Fitness is found here.

Maybe I am the odd one wanting to push weights instead of shots.

Maybe stuffing my carry-on with protein powder is weird.

Maybe being super selective about my nutrition and counting my macros is odd.

Maybe waking up at 5 am to get a run in and then hitting the gym for some more weight training for 1-2 hrs is “too much” for some.

Maybe wanting to look strong and live a fit life is weird.

If so, well I am ok with being weird.

It feels like a much better way to live, anyway.

So here are 13 things I wish I knew before I got myself in tippy-top shape:

1. Weight training to improve mental health is way underrated.

2. Fitness is a lifelong journey, not a 30-day challenge.

3. Health is as much a state of mind as it is a physical state. The two are highly interconnected.

4. Hang around healthy fit people and you’ll make healthier choices. The opposite is true too.

5. There’s no room for ego in the gym. Lifting lighter weights while keeping form gets better results than heavy weights lifted poorly.

6. Endless crunches don’t shred your abs. Heavyweights and good nutrition do.

7. Weight lifting and strength training (bulking) build your body. Losing fat (cutting) reveals it.

8. Track your progress. What gets measured, gets managed.

9. It’s supposed to be hard. 2-3 tough sets drives more progress than 4-5 easy ones.

10. If you think working out is hard, try living life out of shape.

11. Always have a workout plan when you walk into the gym.

12. You don’t “have to” work out today. You “get” to do it. Changing your words might change your life.

13. Your sex drive will go through the roof, better send a memo to your partner ahead of time so they can ‘handle’ it.

Check out the latest season of the Events: demystified Podcast tackling Mental and Physical Fitness head-on. 

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