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In this lively episode of Events Demystified Podcast, Anca Platon Trifan, CMP, DES and their guest, David T Stevens, host of “Return on Wellness” explore the addictive nature of event production and performance. Recorded in person at IMEX in Frankfurt, the hosts touch on the energy exchange that takes place between performers and audiences, and how constant chasing of that energy can lead to exhaustion. They reflect on the importance of face-to-face interactions in the events industry and discuss their experiences at IMEX, including the impact of trade shows on mental and physical health.



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In-person events can both energize and deplete.

In-person events have the power to both energize and deplete individuals involved in them. This was explored in a recent live video recording, where hosts Anca Platon Trifan, host of Events Demystified Podcast and David T Stevens, host of Return on Wellness discussed their experiences at the IMAX’23 in Frankfurt, Germany.

David starts by noting that when people are within three feet of each other, they are literally exchanging electromagnetic fields. This energy exchange can be powerful and addictive, especially for performers who thrive on the high they get from engaging with a live audience. However, this energy exchange can also be depleting, as performers often struggle to sleep after a show due to the adrenaline rush they experience. Additionally, event professionals often work long hours and travel extensively to attend events, which can take a toll on their physical and mental health.

Anca emphasized the importance of setting priorities and holding oneself accountable. While in-person events can be energizing, they can also lead to FOMO (fear of missing out) and a sense of overwhelm. It is important to prioritize what is truly important and to set boundaries to avoid burnout.

The two hosts also discussed the challenges of attending trade shows, such as the IMEX event. These events can be physically and mentally exhausting, as attendees are often expected to attend multiple meetings and events in a short period of time. However, the hosts agreed that the benefits of attending in-person events, such as the opportunity to network and exchange ideas, outweigh the challenges.

Takeaway: In-person events have the power to energize and deplete individuals involved in them. While the energy exchange can be powerful and addictive, it is important to set priorities and boundaries to avoid burnout. Attending trade shows can be challenging, but the benefits of networking and exchanging ideas make it worthwhile.

Prioritize balance in scheduling.

One of the key factors in maintaining balance during trade shows is to prioritize scheduling. It is important to understand the minimum requirements for attending such events, especially if one is being hosted. This can help in planning the number of meetings and sessions that need to be attended. However, it is also important to create space for oneself to enjoy and have some free time. This can help in exploring the city and experiencing its culture, which is often an integral part of attending trade shows.

It is also important to strike a balance between attending meetings and events and taking care of oneself. This can include finding time to exercise and eat healthy, especially if one is on a specific diet regimen. While it may be tempting to indulge in the various food options available at trade shows, it is important to make informed choices that meet one’s nutritional needs. This can help in maintaining energy levels and avoiding burnout.

Another important aspect of prioritizing balance in scheduling is holding oneself accountable. This can involve being honest and transparent about one’s needs and limitations. It can also involve holding others accountable, especially if they are responsible for planning events or meetings. This can help in creating a supportive environment where everyone’s needs are taken into consideration.

Takeaway: Prioritizing balance in scheduling is essential for maintaining one’s physical and emotional well-being during trade shows. It involves setting priorities and boundaries, creating space for oneself, making informed choices about food and exercise, and holding oneself and others accountable. By doing so, individuals can make the most of their trade show experience and avoid burnout.

Plan ahead for trade shows.

Trade shows can be overwhelming, with a plethora of booths, presentations, and networking opportunities to navigate. Planning ahead is crucial to ensure that one can make the most of their time and avoid feeling burnt out. This involves setting priorities and boundaries, creating space for oneself, making informed choices about food and exercise, and holding oneself and others accountable.

One of the most important aspects of planning ahead is setting priorities and boundaries. This means deciding which booths and presentations are most important to attend, and scheduling them accordingly. It also means recognizing when it is time to take a break and recharge, whether that means taking a walk outside or finding a quiet corner to meditate. By setting these boundaries, individuals can ensure that they do not become overwhelmed and can maintain their focus throughout the trade show.

Creating space for oneself is also crucial during trade shows. This means finding time to exercise, whether that means hitting the hotel gym or going for a run outside. It also means making informed choices about food, such as opting for healthy options at meals and avoiding sugary snacks that can lead to crashes later in the day. By prioritizing exercise and healthy eating, individuals can maintain their physical well-being and avoid feeling sluggish or tired during the trade show.

Holding oneself and others accountable is also important during trade shows. This means sticking to one’s schedule and not allowing oneself to become sidetracked by distractions or last-minute requests. It also means holding others accountable for their commitments, whether that means following up on promises made during networking events or ensuring that meetings are scheduled and attended on time. By holding oneself and others accountable, individuals can ensure that they make the most of their time and achieve their goals during the trade show.

Takeaway: Planning ahead is essential for maintaining one’s physical and emotional well-being during trade shows. By setting priorities and boundaries, creating space for oneself, making informed choices about food and exercise, and holding oneself and others accountable, individuals can make the most of their trade show experience and avoid burnout. By taking care of oneself and staying focused, individuals can achieve their goals and forge valuable connections that will benefit them long after the trade show has ended.

Mindfulness and technology in events.

The podcast conversation centered around the topic of mindfulness and technology in events. The hosts shared their experiences and insights on how technology can enhance the event experience while also highlighting the importance of mindfulness in ensuring that attendees have a positive and productive experience.

The hosts discussed the challenges of navigating large events and the need for technology to provide better guidance and direction. They suggested that GPS technology could be used to help attendees navigate the event space and find their way to specific locations. This would reduce stress and anxiety and allow attendees to focus on the event rather than getting lost or feeling overwhelmed.

The the hosts also emphasized the importance of exhibitors being mindful of attendees’ needs and taking the time to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. This could involve offering refreshments, giving attendees time to collect themselves before meetings, and being mindful of their schedules and time constraints.

Takeaway: Mindfulness improves event experiences.

In addition to technology and exhibitor mindfulness, the hosts also discussed the importance of attendees being mindful of their own needs and setting boundaries. They suggested that attendees prioritize their well-being by making time for exercise and self-care, setting realistic goals, and being mindful of their food choices.

The podcast conversation highlighted the importance of mindfulness in ensuring that attendees have a positive and productive experience at events. By using technology to enhance the event experience and being mindful of attendees’ needs, exhibitors and attendees can forge valuable connections and achieve their goals.

Rest is part of wellness.

One key takeaway from the podcast was the importance of rest in wellness. The podcast host, Anca, shared her personal experience of attending back-to-back events and the challenges of balancing work and self-care. She emphasized the need to prioritize rest and acknowledged that sometimes, it’s smarter to sleep than to work out. The host also shared her hack for when she stays out too late and enjoys too much, which involves doing mindless cardio and sweating it out to flush out toxins from the body.

The podcast highlighted the tendency in the industry to glorify overworking oneself and wearing it like a badge of honor. However, the host challenged this notion by emphasizing that rest is an essential part of wellness. She acknowledged that the event industry can be stressful and demanding, but it’s important to prioritize self-care and rest to avoid burnout and achieve optimal productivity.

The host’s insights on rest and wellness are crucial not only for event attendees but for anyone in any industry. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work and neglect our physical and mental health. However, as the host emphasized, rest is not a luxury but a necessity. Taking breaks, getting enough sleep, and engaging in self-care activities can improve our overall well-being and enhance our productivity.

Takeaway: This discussion on rest and wellness is a reminder that self-care should be a priority in our lives. We should not feel guilty for taking breaks or prioritizing our physical and mental health. By doing so, we can achieve optimal productivity and lead fulfilling lives.

Schedule appointments with breaks.

The podcast highlighted the importance of scheduling appointments with breaks, especially in the event industry where long hours and high stress levels

are the norm. The host pointed out that overcommitting ourselves and glorifying our misery only leads to burnout and poor health. Instead, we should aim to maximize our time by scheduling appointments strategically, taking breaks in between, and prioritizing our well-being.

The host suggested a few ways to schedule appointments with breaks, such as taking two half-hour meetings with booths that are close to each other, followed by a half-hour break. Alternatively, scheduling two meetings in a row, then taking an extended lunch break, can also be effective. The key is to give ourselves enough time to rest and recharge between appointments, so we can be fully present and engaged during each meeting.

The podcast also highlighted the importance of event organizers providing tools and resources to help attendees navigate the event and schedule appointments efficiently. For example, the IMEX app could include a guided way of getting to the next appointment, so attendees don’t waste time and energy trying to find their way around the event.

Takeaway:  Rest and wellness should be a priority in our lives, especially in high-stress industries like events. By scheduling appointments with breaks, we can maximize our time, reduce stress levels, and improve our overall well-being. As the host pointed out, self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, and we should not feel guilty for prioritizing it in our lives.

Prioritize wellness at events.

This message is particularly relevant to the events industry, where long hours, constant travel, and high-pressure situations can take a toll on mental and physical health. The podcast highlights the importance of planning ahead, bringing healthy snacks and water, and making time for exercise and relaxation during events. It also emphasizes the need for accountability, whether it’s finding a workout buddy or setting boundaries with colleagues and clients.

The conversation also touches on the importance of nutrition, particularly protein, in maintaining energy and focus throughout the day. It suggests that event planners should take note of attendees’ dietary needs and preferences and provide balanced meal options that include protein and other essential nutrients. Additionally, the podcast mentions the benefits of mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, which can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Takeaway: By taking care of ourselves, we can improve our productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction with our work. Event planners, in particular, have a responsibility to create environments that support wellness and prioritize the health and well-being of attendees and staff. By incorporating wellness practices into event planning and management, we can create events that are not only successful but also sustainable and healthful for all involved.

Prioritize self-care and boundaries.

One of the key takeaways from the podcast is the importance of prioritizing self-care and setting boundaries. The hosts discuss the need to establish rules of engagement prior to attending an event, such as setting a time to leave and having a friend hold them accountable. By doing so, they can avoid overcommitting and ensure that they are taking care of their own well-being.

The podcast also emphasizes the importance of saying no and putting oneself first when it comes to wellness. The hosts suggest that “no is your best friend” when it comes to maintaining one’s health and that it pays off to be selfish at times. This sentiment is echoed in the analogy of putting on one’s own oxygen mask first before helping others, emphasizing the need to prioritize self-care in order to be effective in helping others.

The podcast also touches on the importance of nutrition in maintaining energy and focus throughout the day. The hosts suggest that event planners should take note of attendees’ dietary needs and preferences and provide balanced meal options that include protein and other essential nutrients. By doing so, attendees can maintain their energy levels and focus, leading to a more productive and enjoyable event experience.

In addition to nutrition, the podcast suggests incorporating mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation into event planning and management. These practices can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity, leading to a more positive and productive event experience for all involved.

Takeaway: By taking care of ourselves, we can improve our productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction with our work. Event planners have a responsibility to create environments that support wellness and prioritize the health and well-being of attendees and staff. By incorporating wellness practices into event planning and management, we can create events that are not only successful but also sustainable and healthful for all involved.


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Main Chapters:

00:05:30 Event professionals prioritize human connection.

00:06:59 Take breaks to enjoy conferences.

00:15:58 Strategize meetings for trade shows.

00:18:40 Takeaway: Mindfulness and comfort matter.

00:24:39 Rest is part of wellness.

00:33:16 Schedule appointments strategically.

00:34:46 Prioritize wellness during conferences.




00:40:21 Prioritize self-care and boundaries.

Swell AI Transcript: Demystifying Wellness at IMEX Frankfurt ’23 #IMEXWELLNESS

00:00.000 ANCA TRIFAN Okay, maybe I need to look at some of my priorities, right? But at the same time, I feel like I’m doing a lot of cool good things and I don’t miss out on them I do have a huge major like FOMO

00:13.160 DAVE STEVENS Problem, maybe yeah, maybe we all might the only way we get better is by holding each other accountable So anything that we say is not meant to be hurtful or disparaging But at the same time we’re gonna call some things out. We’re gonna talk real talk. So it’s not intended with malice or to hurt anybody’s feelings, but

00:34.440 ANCA TRIFAN We’re gonna honest no BS. That’s the part of the show. That’s called disclaimer read the tiny phone And make sure that you know what you sign up for yeah

00:48.400 DAVE STEVENS They’re just gonna hook the truck up and we’re gonna go on a ride

00:51.080 ANCA TRIFAN Welcome to events demystified podcast where we explore and demystify the world of in-person virtual hybrid event AV production and technology by sharing insightful tips tricks and tactics to make your events a success This podcast is brought to you by tree fan events a woman-owned boutique event production agency And your host is uncle trephine a technical event planner and producer We’re going to be talking about the new technology that we’re going to be talking about in a moment And your host is uncle trephine a technical event planner and producer with almost two decades of hands-on technical experience in event production

01:33.120 ANCA TRIFAN Well, hello everyone, I don’t know who’s the host here there is no host we’re both hosts what we are actually in a tiny house at IMEX in Frankfurt, Germany We had to come all the way to Frankfurt to record this episode in person We couldn’t find any studios in us so we both got on a plane For this moment in time or IMEX is happening or maybe IMEX is happening in a few other things Yeah around the country or around Europe to be more exact What a joy to actually do this in person last episode that we did together

02:12.740 DAVE STEVENS Was virtual yeah, it was for feel like in person. They feel like it’s better than virtual That’s that’s been my big thing is I always wanted to do them when I wanted decided I was gonna do a show I wanted every single one to be in person and what was interesting is one of the people I spoke to one of the Practitioners she said when people are within three feet of each other. They’re literally exchanging electromagnetic fields We’re within three feet

02:41.460 ANCA TRIFAN So

02:43.060 DAVE STEVENS Well, it’s like it’s like when you’re presenting right and you’re on stage and When you come out on stage, you like to have that music so that you get people Putting energy out so that when you come out on stage and you start talking gets the crowd energized Look at a Tony Robbins entrance, right? Like the crowd is putting all that energy into the air

03:02.100 ANCA TRIFAN I feel like we need a soundtrack and should we start all over again? No

03:10.740 DAVE STEVENS We can put it in post if we want, okay, but Yeah, so it’s an energy exchange and that’s why when you come off stage, you’re so depleted and when the applause it

03:21.260 ANCA TRIFAN It’s all that energy exchange. So that was well there’s a document level that it gets filled up and then you get addicted to that type of You know engagement and then you can’t get away from it because you’re like I need to fill up the same yeah And Yeah, that’s why performers struggle to sleep because they get so addicted to that high and they come off stage and Especially because it’s usually late at night and that kind of thing, but but do you think that’s why I work here Flying thousands of miles because we’re addicted to this crazy lifestyle of doing shows and we’re gonna get more into how Insane is to do some of those trade shows and what it takes actually not just physically but mentally to like at this Point of the day, I think is the third day. Yeah the show ends in Well like 32 minutes, okay, so this is not gonna be a long episode this is a Quickie that I’ve already done a thousand of things today alone and you come from another event You just flew like red light No, no red. I Red eye

04:39.560 DAVE STEVENS Correction. Yes good correction and Let’s get a little bit into that. Like why do we do that to ourselves? Yeah, so we are here at IMEX It’s about to wrap we’re gonna talk about what we experienced. I was only here for a day. This is your third day I had a conference in London that I was working my day job for and Then I flew out of London this morning to be here to try to catch the last day see some people To get that dopamine hit of seeing people in person and exchanging hugs and those things because you don’t know when you’re gonna see people Again, especially with how busy the industry is you just don’t know so I was like it’s right there I’m just gonna jump on a plane and go which meant getting up at 4 a.m Wait when I went to bed at like 11 something last night, so bad bad sleep And when we’re talking about well, we’re both here. Let’s let’s record something and then that’s the not the show floor

05:36.060 ANCA TRIFAN But the educational floor behind us they might be striking but don’t worry about it Yeah, you know that but you’ve been here for three days. Let’s let’s talk about how many meetings Have you had in in three days? So first off? I knew that there’s a minimum requirement of meetings to do so because you’re hosted because I’m hosted I’m an MPI. Thank you MPI for hosting Also, I ended up hosting some of their sessions in one of the educational rooms, which was great But that just meant that my schedule just turned from having this number of meetings Which are required for you to be hosted it turned into all the meetings Plus all the hosting of a full day, you know in one of the educational room Then I also had a little talk that I did today earlier in the morning Yes And I still had appointments to fill when most of the people their strategy is let’s get all the meetings done You know the first part of the day they want and they too and then we’ve got time to enjoy Whatever the CD enjoy whatever is around. I haven’t seen much of Frankfurt and I was just thinking about it It’s kind of sad that I came all the way to Frankfurt and I have not seen much outside of the convention center because I put so much on my schedule and Maybe there’s something that I need to adjust there Right to make sure that I create space for myself to just enjoy and just have some free time But also there’s all this, you know after our Experiences that you don’t want to miss on because this is the place where what do they say about? Business is actually done at the bar. Yeah, that’s where you get to actually meet Yeah in real life you get to talk to them you get to actually create that connection and You’re on a mission dose. Unfortunately, there are like three of them in a row Just the first night and then the second night I actually had an event Of course, I had to have an event that I was producing you were producing an event not here No, I went straight back to my hotel after the show was over And I had an event that I produced for four hours and then I spent another two hours editing Content and yes sleep has been a little challenging and then let’s talk about trying to stay fit

07:57.820 DAVE STEVENS Fit in some exercise or that gene by the way, we should we should preface this that this is going to be somewhat not to do from personal. Things that we’re gonna talk about but also I’m gonna borrow a moniker from somebody at my company who they have a podcast Called catalogs and cocktails. It’s a honest no BS data podcast So we’re gonna have some honest no BS talk here. It’s all out of love. I met with someone yesterday and We were talking about the only way we get better is by holding each other accountable So anything that we say is not meant to be hurtful or disparaging But at the same time we’re gonna call some things out. We’re gonna talk real talk. So it’s not intended with malice or to hurt anybody’s feelings, but We’re gonna honest no BS. That’s the part of the show. That’s called disclaimer read the tiny phone And make sure that you know what you sign up for yeah So and and a lot of this started because Before I was coming I saw a post that was like hey check out the menus for IMEX and I was all excited I was like, wow, they’re actually promoting the menus great and I was scrolling through the menus and I came across Specifically one thing that was a it was labeled fitness salad and I was like, okay This is exciting. Like the wellness thing is taken and then I read the ingredients in the salad I was like, oh the reason I say that is While it is definitely a healthier option than let’s say I don’t know risotto Which is filled with cream and carbs and fat and whatnot. It was nutrient Lacking specifically protein protein was completely devoid on the whole thing, but it was like lettuce which Well, it’s good for you You need it in mass quantities to really create the the roughage and the fiber that your body needs tomatoes like something else and like Yeah, and and it was just honestly it was nutrient Deficient it was so low calorie. I was like well, I get where they’re going with this but they Just just fell short So I put it on LinkedIn and I had a few people message me and they’re like, yeah You’re gonna call it I’m X like that and I was like, well, yeah, that’s what we do. That’s how we all get better

10:33.540 ANCA TRIFAN And then speaking of which body building stage where I’m in I’m actually in bulking stage, which means I’m supposed to you know input way more calories that I normally would on maintenance or in cutting and Last time max I was actually in my cutting stage That’s why you were so angry angry Right. There’s a difference, right? So talking about the silent, you know, yes, I was aware that this is this much so You’d eat like four people If this is the table, I’ve got like Salads and whatever other options that I can fill my nutritional needs just because of what you just mentioned

11:16.860 DAVE STEVENS You know Tracy suck graph would be so happy we’re having this conversation because every time I talk about food and She has that podcast eating in a meeting you have to remember that it’s it’s not about Your perception of what healthy is it is about giving people agency to choose what they want When I was at 24 you had to plan for the person that was on a bulk for the person that was on a cut For the person who was on maintenance and you definitely had to include the person who was on a cheat day when they were at Your meeting because if that’s their only day to have that crème brûlée that I’ve been dreaming about for months, right? Like you they’re gonna they’re they are the one that’s gonna go most hostile than anyone else Because that’s the day that they lose their sanity because they couldn’t have a cookie Exactly and they and they get a cookie

12:10.280 ANCA TRIFAN Okay last night after all these hours of meetings and then they went At 10 p.m. Like three minutes past then when my meeting ended I’m telling you I’m going upstairs to the bar and order a crème brûlée because it’s been on my mind this whole time This is the only time that actually I allow myself to have that and yes It is very strict for someone outside of this. They’re like, well, you guys are kind of crazy Yes Yes, and right at the same time I have specific goals that I work towards right and I Want to stick to those goals, which means he has being strict with myself during the times when I have to be straight But if it’s a cheat day, yeah Please I might have three in my room right now, but don’t worry about it

12:59.100 DAVE STEVENS I mean, I mean yes and at the crazy part by the way when I said yes and okay Let’s talk about our time here We kind of alluded to it a little bit. Yes, how how many? Do you remember what the requirement was of the number of meetings you had to have to meet your? Requirements they say a six six will be minimum. So if you did 18 you still qualified Okay, so that’s half an hour meetings, right? So then that makes You’re spending a minimum of three hours a day in meetings

13:33.580 ANCA TRIFAN If you do them back to back and let me tell you do not do them back to back Because you’re gonna be so brain dead by the end of it that you’re gonna not enjoy your time here

13:43.100 DAVE STEVENS Well, you just use it as your workout It’s true. Well, let me tell you that you come that’s that exactly That’s what I’m saying. You show up you take your pre-workout before your first meeting and they just go Chopping your gym clothes and you sprint just interval train. I’m just kidding. It’s okay. It’s three minutes on And 30 minutes off

14:05.120 ANCA TRIFAN Let me give you an overview of my first meeting of the day Which was the first day first meeting and I for some reason wasn’t thinking because I literally Scheduled it at exactly when the trade show You know floor open. I didn’t think that it would actually Be really useful to maybe allow myself To get acquainted with the layout so that I don’t freak out when I’m here and I’m turning the map around seven times and I still don’t know where the heck am I where am I going? And I’m already like 20 minutes late at this point. It’s like my first meeting It’s like driving in 1990 because you have to use a printed map exactly So literally it was like where did I enter from because I don’t know anymore and where am I going? Boy, I really stopped at one of the booths and I’m like, please help me I do not know where I am. Can you please direct me in the right direction? But I’m telling there’s like anxiety building up at this point because one I hate being late at this point. I’m not late. I’m

15:12.880 DAVE STEVENS Over your production if you’re on time you’re late and you worked in radio Where where 30 sec not even 30 seconds 10 seconds of dead air It’s the worst and longest time of your life, right? So yes being late seconds matter to people who exactly have that mentality

15:31.880 ANCA TRIFAN That was basically my first meeting and then I was like, okay lesson learned give yourself some time to actually get the lay of the land Before you start racing to the next meeting 30 minutes sounds like a long time for a meeting But let me tell you 15 minutes you’re lost most of the time and finding your way to the next month So here’s another thing that actually this is for IMEX Here’s my process right my mind the way it works what I wanted to do Actually, I was thinking I need a strategy from last IMEX to this IMEX. I’m like I need a strategy This is what I’m gonna do. I Will love to schedule all my meetings in day one in first quarter of the trade show No Second meetings in the second quarter and then third day in the third, right? So like I only walk this quarter this quarter this quarter. The problem is I think those are thirds by the way Yeah, yes, I would divide it in third Thank you The problem is there was no easy way on the app and I know that this is a new app and I know that they’re going to challenges with Updates and all the things but if there’s a way to actually literally just pinpoint from the trade show floor and say This this this this is what I’m gonna do and schedule that How much easier would be to actually plan your schedule? I’m one of those first people that will go on the schedule the day opens. So you want tour routing? Yeah for for your appointment sure that I’m like on this side of the trade show the first day And I don’t have to walk five different miles because at this point I’m zigzagging I’m like going like this right? Yeah Like this is insane. I appreciate the steps, but I don’t appreciate the madness Yeah, I totally understand that was that was me at IMEX last in October I’ve had actually people that I talked to they’re like we are so lost like what is happening Yes, there’s signage and yes in the app actually you can you know use directional they go from this booth to that booth But there is no GPS right

17:36.660 DAVE STEVENS So I think I think that probably would be helpful I think what would be probably the next logical step from a technology standpoint is if you could turn on your GPS and Follow along and go and it could route you because you can do that in an airport Yeah with like trip it I do it gives you walking directions. So it’d be great if You could tap your next meeting and it gave you walking directions from the booth you were at Yeah

18:02.660 ANCA TRIFAN It does give you like a you know sort of like this is where you’re supposed to go But it doesn’t like register that from here to here if you end up here and you’re still lost Like you need to start routing again from here to there Yeah, so it’s just this additional extra steps that I felt like okay in the age of instant Communication think technology has come a very long way to make things

18:32.260 DAVE STEVENS I think it’s very valid I think also though that talks a lot to when when I talk about the 3m’s that has a lot to do with men mentality and mindfulness because that creates stress Which then you want right and then you are not effective when you go to your meeting so I would dare add another tip for the exhibitors That when you have a planner show up at your booth like give them a minute in the sense of like hey Did you find this? Okay? Do you need a minute to take a couple deep breaths like it’s okay We have 30 minutes and or we have 15 minutes left Like let’s put it this way if they show up late their planners showing up late isn’t in our DNA so if they’re showing up late that means something did not go according to plan and Well, I’ve been late to plenty of appointments and they’ve always been very gracious They have never taken the extra step of saying do you need a minute? Like I can walk away you can just take a few deep breaths get your parasympathetic nerve system engaged Switch it off so that you can be present for this meeting instead of being like well. Thanks. I gotta go 90 seconds. Yeah, so I think that’s an opportunity for the exhibitors to be mindful Of the planners mindfulness and it’s gonna go a long way this business about relationships, right? That’s gonna tell the planner that oh you value me as a person. I’m not just a transaction

20:05.180 ANCA TRIFAN That’s totally and honestly, I had a few of those appointments where I was able to sit down and just Breathe, you know so I can collect myself Yeah, good They were bringing a cup of coffee or whatever if they had a small treat, you know, and that was fantastic Then we we had a bit of a small talk before we got into the business, you know, and that gave me a little bit of time That was good I actually had quite a few of those experiences and I appreciated that the most one thing that Probably I would do differently as well on this is Having planned times like I didn’t leave myself enough time for a lunch break and that’s important You know, like I figured that 30 minutes is plenty Well, not really if you have to get from one place to the next and let me tell you toilets That was another touchy point where if you have to walk five miles To the next toilet point. I appreciate your lack of exaggeration No, not at all. Like I mean seriously was 10,000 steps No, maybe not it took a minute to just find the spot and you know how female toilets There’s always a line always especially in an event like this That instantly puts you like behind schedule. Yeah. Yeah So anyway, that’s all to say what I love the most was actually the fact that I enjoyed the green spaces like for me having a real plant inside a tray show It just gives that comfort of home. I might have had you know Gone from like one plant to about 45 in the span of like one month during covid

21:47.280 DAVE STEVENS Because that was like my way of like, oh, are you a crazy plant lady? Okay. All right. Good to know That well, that’s that’s not just made up either. There’s science behind

21:57.760 ANCA TRIFAN Being in green spaces and that it relaxes you it does So I appreciated that like every time I saw like a real plant. I’m literally like wanting to feel it Is it real is it fake? Oh, it’s real good, you know So I certainly appreciated that and I love the vibrancy of the decor the colors, you know, even the different Team rooms for education were great. You know, I think they had kenyan they had forests

22:25.920 DAVE STEVENS And there’s ocean ocean. Yeah, they were all nature themed very cool. I like that I really like the fact that they frame them in And the they they did the silent disco headphones and they’re the color on the headphones matched oceans were blue Forests were green and canyons were because it was red so orange-ish But it felt like an immersive setting so that you felt like you were in nature a little bit, you know Brains are simple. They can be tricked. So it was nice. I really appreciated that but they did that. Yeah me too Overall timing of the day were you able to get workouts in? Or did you over commit yourself?

23:03.680 ANCA TRIFAN Here and externally two days in a row. I did get to wake up 6 a.m And my hotel they have a beautiful gym Probably could do better with you know weights Oh, I like all jeans, you know, there’s plenty of cardio options and cardio equipment But it was good to just get my blood pumping Lift a few weights get myself ready for the day and start the day With that being checked off the list and then when I came in I was like ready to just tackle whatever Including finding my way around the tray show. So that was great. Uh yesterday was challenging like I It was way too long of a day plus the night before we were all out until like Godly hours and waking up at 6 a.m Felt like that sounds like that sounds like personal choices over anything else. It does but you know what’s funny this really Almost felt like a deja vu. They had all this super late night events happening right before the 5k run And the 5k run meant that if you’re at a hotel far away from you know, the tray show You had to wake up at 5 a.m to make you got to run two 5ks then because you could run a 5k on the way There right. Oh, that’s a 10k. Not a big deal on any other day of the week Unless you just stayed up until 2 a.m, right? So I was like, oh god, I really really really really wanted to make it. I’m like this is against my Like what I preach if I don’t show up. I was so tired and I was like, but you know what? Rest is part of wellness. So I talked myself into sleeping in

24:51.200 DAVE STEVENS Well, just to get enough hours of sleep if you really means more like five if you really think about it Sometimes It’s it’s smarter to sleep than to go work out. Um, there have been plenty of times You’ve probably even experienced this where you like you get yourself up early. You get yourself out of bed you go and then you End up having a not so great workout and you’re like I should have just stayed in bed And I think that’s probably for the the more the people who have done it a lot because you’ve done enough workouts, you know when a good day is versus a not so good day and Theoretically, you know, sometimes we push ourselves a little harder than we should some of us have problems with deloading

25:34.400 ANCA TRIFAN Yeah, that’s one of me. Um, I can see how some people will say Oh, this is a great excuse for me because they’ve said I can just slip in to get my rest day

25:44.400 DAVE STEVENS Only they make it a habit. So it’s like every day is a rest day. So here’s here’s my hack for when I when I stay out too late and Enjoy too much. Okay, I love cardio it helps because I Go with a whole bunch of water And I just sweat it out I know that like my muscles are not going to be firing. My brain is not going to be sharp I poisoned myself the evening before Let’s just get it out of the system. Yeah, it’s like a system flush sweat it out Put a bunch of water in get it out of all your pores. You smell terrible mindless cardio But it still does the job because inevitably you still get that endorphin rush post workout when you get out of shower

26:31.840 ANCA TRIFAN You’re like, I feel amazing. Yeah, so that was basically my strategy this morning after a long day of Events meetings all the and then I usually take a nap though. So, you know, no I couldn’t But I was like, okay, i’m gonna be on the treadmill. I was actually sort of like Working on my presentation for this morning So i’m like i’m gonna do a 15 degree incline for 45 minutes And if you do that incline for 45 minutes and say 3.5, right a mass per hour You still sweat like your heart rate is gonna go into you know, maybe not cardio but fat burn for sure And you’re gonna sweat those for 45 minutes Like you’re running even though you’re not putting the same like amount of pressure on your knees and That was it for me. I’m like I just need that and I did another, you know I don’t know a few wraps of a different weight that did it for me Like I said, you know, like I need to get myself into the mind of being ready for the day I knew that this is going to be another one of those loaded days and I got enough energy to be able to Get myself pumped up for whatever was going to come next, you know

27:43.120 DAVE STEVENS So I want to ask a question because honestly we have like seven minutes left and then we have to wait It’s like are we at are you keeping track? What are you? Yeah amateur. I’m an amateur Web series producer or not producer but recorder film or host Some of your episodes go way into the one hour mark Oh, yeah, that’s they’re designed to be long form, especially when we’re getting into it like that episode with that Performance psychologist there’s just too there’s too much good stuff to like be like, oh, sorry. We’re at time. Stop dropping knowledge bombs That was good. So One of the things I just I just recorded an episode that comes out next week talked about I asked why do we have this Idea and this glorification in our industry specifically And I want to I’m going to dig in a little bit That we love to overwork ourselves and we wear it like a badge of honor and the only thing that I can think is I believe We all know we have the greatest fucking job in the world And the most stressful one And the most stressful one too. Well So we punish ourselves and we put ourselves through all this nonsense So that we can go through and have something to talk about when so that because on the outside looking in It looks like where it’s just all like champagne Yeah, jet setting and ba ba ba and dinners and whatnot Right, and you look like you’re living this lifestyle And I can’t help but think we overcommit ourselves so that we can complain about it So that people so that we can take the the the glamour off of it a little bit Like I can’t understand otherwise why you you don’t hear about someone who’s like is doing data entry who’s like Yeah, man, I had to work six days in a row Weekends nights 14 hours a day. No because they they punch out at five o’clock and they’re like i’m out I I don’t understand why we as an industry glorify or or

29:52.500 ANCA TRIFAN brag about our misery You have any idea like that’s that’s the million dollar question i’m trying to get the answer to why do we glorify Well over extending ourselves if you put it into the perspective that this is also one of the most stressful jobs out there We do work very long hours

30:11.700 DAVE STEVENS But it’s stressful Partially because we put so much of that stress on ourselves

30:16.100 ANCA TRIFAN Yes but if you have an event that you are giving your blood and sweat for because you’re invested into that event it is your client’s event, but it is your reputation on the line too for that event to actually go according to plan because you’re part of it like you’re committed you Champion and you make sure that everything goes As planned then you’re gonna put in 18 hours days and you’re gonna do that for several days in a row And then you’re gonna be probably kind of done at the end of that, but then you do it again

30:55.460 DAVE STEVENS Like even like something like this right like It’s it’s we we we take all kinds of meetings like you took your required meetings and then you added meetings on top of it I flew in I I honestly did it pretty selfishly Mostly so I could see people and that’s how i’m gonna justify it to myself because Everything I did to get here was totally unhealthy. I’ve been up since four o’clock this morning. I went to bed at 11 I’m not well rested. I’m kind of well fed Um, i’m firing on fumes here. So I know why I did it but like everyone else here though. They they all overextend themselves

31:34.520 ANCA TRIFAN That’s what i’m trying to figure out. Okay My motivation for it is the fact that I want to take advantage of every moment that I leave to the maximum Capacity that it can so if that sometimes means that I over Schedule myself I’m okay with it. The only problem with that is if it becomes a habit If it becomes my habit, that’s when I get called on Oh god like friends they’re like well Anka you might have a problem with saying no What does that mean? Okay, maybe I need to Look at some of my priorities, right? But at the same time I feel like i’m doing a lot of cool good things And I don’t want to miss out on them. I do have a huge major like FOMO

32:25.820 DAVE STEVENS No Problem, maybe yeah, maybe we all might. Okay, so we are almost at time here. Are they like ripping stuff down? Oh, yeah, they’re literally they’re striking. They’re striking that set right now Coiling cables and whatnot. Okay

32:44.780 DAVE STEVENS They’re just gonna hook the truck up and we’re gonna go on a ride

32:48.620 DAVE STEVENS Okay, so Let’s uh, let’s close out here. It sounds like I mean

32:54.220 ANCA TRIFAN All things being said even though we need some takeaways like we can’t just leave everyone like hanging All right So why did I watch this and by the way, we’re gonna try to cross post this both on my podcast defense demystified also on dave’s Which we’re trying on wellness. We need to do something. Yeah Okay, so let’s let’s talk about the take place IMAX

33:17.980 DAVE STEVENS Yes, and I think one of the things we also can help provide wellness while demystifying Is we’re gonna call this one demystifying wellness That’s right so Maybe schedule your appointments The the challenge is like you only have eight hours in a day And but I mean so if you have to have six appointments a day and you take half hour breaks in between I would honestly take like two like make one hour, you know, yeah do two take a half hour off two Yeah, like and just stretch your day like that interval training. Yeah Two half hour meetings with booths that are hopefully close to each other. Yeah half hour off Two two meetings on yeah with a longer extended lunch break and then you need an hour for lunch I’d say 90 minutes If you can make that good for you, but then it just puts you like later Into the you know, well, you’re theoretically you’re only committing three to four Hours out of eight

34:18.140 ANCA TRIFAN And the show floor is probably open for 12 But if you want to give yourself bandwidth to actually meet with other people outside of right, you know The appointment list and honestly most of the connections you’re going to make, you know outside of that list of

34:31.900 DAVE STEVENS Required appointments, right? Okay. So give yourself some time between appointments Imex please talk to the app developer and Have an easy have a guided way of getting to your next appointment so that you can be efficient in your time and not worry about getting lost and burning more time and Exhibitors if your planner shows up late, give them a second. Let them breathe

34:54.780 ANCA TRIFAN let them Reset water Actually, I another thing that I realized yesterday. I was so dehydrated Because I was just going from place to place to place and normally I carry my water bottle and I refill it all the time And I for some reason left it in the hotel I think I was working out and I just left it there and I was I got back to the hotel and I was so dehydrated wine beer Doesn’t count for like hydration. No, and it counts as the opposite exactly. It’s a diuretic I know. Okay, that’s that food Winnie protein protein really I was carrying my protein Shake with me and my protein powder, which I always care with me It’s true, but this felt like an extra scoop of protein just to make up for the lack of protein I’m like, where is the meat? I’m a meat eater. I’m sorry. Does everybody feel the same?

35:54.240 DAVE STEVENS It doesn’t have to be meat though. It could have been Oh, yeah, it could have been all kinds of alternative types of protein But yeah, don’t call something a fitness salad and have it devoid of of protein. Yep. It’s not balanced No, so i’m getting hungry. So i’m x if you want to help with the menus next year Either one of us will be happy to talk to you And then maybe if you really want to go extra Include macros. I have not been tracking. Oh my god. That’s come on baby steps. That’s not gonna happen Listen up, that’s not gonna happen. I have not been tracking for the last three days. Why do you think? Because I can’t track stuff that I because you don’t travel with a scale. I actually do travel. It’s in my backpack. Okay Well, then I should have seen you You should ask for three extra bowls and then partitioned out

36:45.680 ANCA TRIFAN Your salad into different ingredients. I literally take an empty bowl put on my scale Get make sure that I do but did you do it out there? Yeah And then I put my salad on the scale adding did you do each element of the salad like weigh your tomatoes first? I couldn’t That’s why I stopped tracking. I’m like, I can’t this is insane. You’re just not trying hard enough. I know Okay. All right. So don’t get me started my nutritional coach is definitely gonna give me like a hard time of work So like oh you did not plan Well enough. Are you kidding me?

37:21.120 DAVE STEVENS Okay, let’s move on that’s meals And then it sounds like you you did have the time to work out but it was

37:29.680 ANCA TRIFAN It takes intentionality. Yeah. Well, and it also takes some some difficult personal choices It does because you have to go to bed you have to because you need to sleep every night out until 3 a.m and Have all the drinks and then expect that at 5 a.m You’re ready to go and hit the gym hard because honestly you might want to do that and have the intention

37:54.240 DAVE STEVENS But it’s not gonna happen. So one of the things yes, one of the things I know they did the imex run so that’s That’s their signature thing. Um, one of the things did they do was the imex run the only fitness offering they had or was there anything else?

38:08.960 ANCA TRIFAN That was that but one thing that actually I was going to bring up is I appreciate also the wellness lounge Oh, there’s wellness lounge. I missed it. I think they actually had multiple stretches and yoga Oh, yeah, that’s right. I remember on the agenda. There was like there was stuff in the morning There was like a move like a stretch and stretch yoga mindfulness I did not get to do any of those because again, I was doing my appointments But I did get to go in there just in between my appointments when I needed a moment to just be stressed And it was quiet and it was like tranquil and it was just like Have a moment where there’s no noises and I needed that just to like recharge for like 20 minutes and i’m an ambivert I gotta mention it So what that means is I can exert a certain amount of energy in being extroverted and and pretend that i’m an extrovert but really and my heart i’m a Introvert like I really recharge when i’m by myself It’s quiet and there’s nobody around. Yep And when I tell people that they’re like no you You only know me for like maybe two hours a day or maybe an hour a day when i’m extroverted But the other 23 hours of the day. Yep. I’m hiding somewhere where you don’t see me

39:28.080 DAVE STEVENS Yeah, that’s why we like backstage because we can disappear. Okay, we’re definitely rolling equipment out. Okay Uh, well, that’s it There’s something else well, we we covered the the big things around imax I think that maybe we didn’t spend enough time on it You have to control you’re the only one that can ultimately control your own wellness. Yeah, and I think that’s where that evenings slash mornings really comes into play because the the things you choose to do Is what is going to help you or harm you so to speak? Um, but also accountability Yeah, and and I think having like some accountable partners to actually keep you accountable if you over stretch yourself Like find a buddy Yeah, and at the party and they’re like it’s our time. We leave now. Let’s go

40:17.200 ANCA TRIFAN No, honestly, I had my girlfriend with me when we went to some of those places And this was the deal if I feel like I want to stay too long and I said that I want to leave at 11 pm Can you please drag me out of here?

40:30.960 DAVE STEVENS No, seriously, that was the understanding the the and it was a two ways three the you That set the bear the the barriers and the parameters. Yeah prior to going Yes, that’s the one that has to be listened to and that’s what your friend is there for Is to ensure that those rules of engagement are obliged

40:48.080 ANCA TRIFAN We had to I mean if we’re gonna want to get out of here to get some sleep Like if for some reason I fall into this conversation and it’s amazing and I had one too many drinks Grab me and let’s get out of here. Take me out. Let’s go Yeah, and same thing with like over committing like I actually appreciated when you said dude like stop over committing like stop saying yes to so many things Yes and Yeah No is your best friend when it comes to your own wellness. It is true It’s like it pays out to actually be selfish and put yourself first sometimes

41:24.000 DAVE STEVENS Yeah, it it does. Um, it’s that analogy of we all took planes to get here. You got to put your own oxygen mask on first

41:31.600 ANCA TRIFAN So yeah, all right. I think that’s a wrap. That is a wrap. So what’s the next plan after this? I think what we’re gonna do with this, we’re gonna try to edit Whatever we can out of this madness. I am not sure how much of this is usable But I have high hopes i’m gonna stick in that ai tool I found and watch it see what snippets it spits out It’s gonna sleep it the put your uh hair mask first like you did last time It’s entirely possible We most likely we’re gonna put it on both of our podcast platforms And if you have feedback for us what we could do next time when we see each other probably in a year from now

42:13.760 DAVE STEVENS No, we should definitely do a redo. Well, you know what you should do is we should um revisit imex america Yeah, so um feedback from them and see yeah, leave all kinds of incendiary comments on the youtube channel Um that helps search results. So it’s really helpful actually um And then we can do this again. Maybe they’ll have the tiny house at imex america. You never know Yeah, and then we can just do another recap imex

42:41.120 ANCA TRIFAN And maybe we’ll have a better set up because this is literally makeshift I have never done a makeshift like this. So we’ll see what comes out of it. You don’t know so all right

42:51.600 DAVE STEVENS That was it. That’s it. Yep. We gotta go

42:55.520 ANCA TRIFAN We’ll see you out there Thank you for listening to the events demystified podcast If you enjoyed this podcast, please take a moment to review it rate it and share it with other event professionals that could benefit from it Connect with us on social at events demystified podcast We would love to hear from you and watch a rub too If you’d like to learn more about free fan event services and find out if we’re a good fit in supporting your event Can we help your event be successful with a 20 minute free consultation link in the episode’s notes? Thanks for tuning in.


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