For the good part of my professional career in event production, I have filled diverse audio roles, from studio recording to A1 sound engineering to monitor mixing for live bands,  to mixing sound for corporate events, and everything in between. Over Covid, I have intentionally sought out mixing opportunities where I could still practice my craft and keep up with the ever-changing world of audio and technology. The reason for doing this is closely tied with the fact that my favorite part about mixing is that ?? ?? ????? ??????; ?? ?? ?????? ????????.

There is always something new to learn. And keep learning I shall.

There is always something interesting to try or even get from another sound/audio engineer.

20 years into this and there is still so much more to learn. ????’?? ?????? ????????? ??? ????, ??? ????’? ?????????.

All those years of mixing monitors for live bands, especially in the old analog days, before IEMs (in-ear monitors) and the Aviom personal mixing became the next best thing, have thought me so much during those training, trial under fire years, the most mentionable being ???????? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ????????, especially when you have a few different demanding artists all needing their levels and mix just right, all at the very same time.

It also thought me ??? ?? ?????? ? ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ?????? ??? ??????? ?? ?? ??????? ?????? so I accomplish them as efficiently and fast as possible.

?????? ????? ?? ???? ???????, ???? ???. I promise, there’s a process to the madness.


Every sound engineer out there starts layering the sounds, starting with the drums first, then bass, guitars, keys, synths, strings (if any), before they get to vocals, effects, etc.

Likewise, ?? ??? ????? ?? ??????? ??? ?????? ????? ??????????, there’s a method to the madness, and knowing what this method is will always produce the most desired outcome.

Not understanding the flow will only ???? ???? ???? ???? ??????????? ??? ???? ?????????.

And nobody wants to do things the hard way when there’s an easier way.

?? ???’?? ??? ???? ???’?? ?????? ?????? ???? ??????, ???’? ????. A few more consultation spots are available before I take a break over the summer for wholeness & rest.


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