My Dearest Event Professionals,

While this is the most difficult time that some of us have been through, I find it helpful to reflect on what working in events has given me, rather than what I feel as though I am losing going through this difficult time.

Here are a few of my takeaways from years of event management and planning experience:

✨ Planning and producing events has never felt like work for me. It is both my passion and my purpose as far as work is concerned – I love seeing client’s faces at the end of an excellently executed event! I get so much joy from helping create memories and memorable experiences for so many people and I love sharing my creative technical knowledge and expertise with anyone who would listen via the “Event AV and Lighting: demystified” PODCAST ?️.

✨ No matter what comes, I believe that we, event professionals at large, are part of a larger plan and without us, so many lives would be missing some key experiences and memories that could impact generations.

I know things are rough right now for everyone, but I am determined to get myself up each morning with great hope and in preparation for the very second that we can all return to the work that has been ordained for us to do.

I am the first to admit that it’s not always easy to keep my enthusiasm up, but it is during those times that I recall the many lives that have been changed because of the money raised through fundraising efforts done during one of the events I produced, and I know you can recall that too. However, in order for that memory to come to fruition — we need to keep going! Who else can hear a client’s heart’s desire and weave a tapestry of design elements to create the perfect event? Only we can– and because of this we have to keep going! And I will quietly work – from home – while we wait for this trial to pass: creating new designs, sketching layouts, finding unique ways to use lighting…

✨ Event Professionals everywhere, we’ve been chosen and blessed with the ability to bring joy through our work. The world needs joy, and it needs us, all of us! The event space it really wouldn’t be the same without us, so be encouraged!


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